Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Race Schedule

Fall in Southern California is pretty awesome because though it's still sometimes blazing hot during the day, mornings are (generally) cool enough so that races are still tolerable in terms of weather. I'm also super stoked because I've picked up a good number of pacing gigs with Beast Pacing, so I get tons of opportunities to still run half marathons, but am far from RACE pace but still get the mileage and fun!

I've got a busy fall, but a super awesome one at that.

First up, it's the #30halfsfor30years birthday extravaganza (and duh, by far the most exciting piece of all this!):

Sunday, October 4 
State #8!

Saturday, October 10
State #9! 

After this race, I get to hang out for the post-race concert featuring this guy, and then hop on a plane back to LA for...
Sunday, October 11
Use code RUNLBAMBMJ for $5 off and join me! 

And from there, really, the fun continues:

- Lexus Lace Up Irvine 10K, October 17
- Revel Canyon City Half Marathon, Saturday, November 6 (2:10 pacer)
- Lexus Lace Up Palos Verdes Half, November 14
- Surfer's Point Half Marathon, November 15 (2:30 pacer)
- USA Invitational Half Marathon, November 21
- Lexus Lace Up Riverside Half Marathon, December 6 (2:15 pacer)

Remember that for any of the Lexus Lace Up series races, regardless of distance or location, you can use code laceupmegan for 15% off your registration too! I'm not able to make Ventura this year due to a conference out of town, but if you complete all 4 Lace Up races (any combination of distances), you earn the bonus fifth medal too! Bling bling!

Where do I get to see you this fall?

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  1. I will see you on October 17th and November 7th not the 6th!