Friday, October 2, 2015

September Recap

Total run mileage: 83.41. Far shy of my goal, but that's okay.
Highest weekly run mileage: 40! Woot woot. I haven't seen that since marathon training in the spring.
# Runs: 18
# Rest days: Too many. 13.
# Cross-training workouts: Errrr... 1. Whoops?
# Races: Just Ventura for that awesome pacing gig on a too-long course. Womp.
     - Ventura Half 

Favorite run: Claremont Loop trail runs with these beauties. These have become a favorite so much, just to shake up things between roads + treadmills.  I wish had gotten more in over the summer, but schedules didn't allow that, and now that it's getting dark earlier, the park closes earlier and there's no way we'll make it. We were there in practical blackness the other night and that ish was scary

Current need: I need to get packing for Portland because we leave TOMORROW. And I need to get in on that strength training goal  I had last month (see below) because I haven't actually done that. Oops. I know, I know - epic fail, and if I'm going to be doing all these races in the fall/winter, and looking at a spring marathon, I need to get my butt on a weight bench and start doing things.

Current favorite: This birthday blog giveaway that's going on over here --> WOO! You DON'T want to miss it! I feel so grateful that I've been able to build connections with so many products + brands that I adore, especially when it comes to running and fitness, and that they're trusting me to a) continuing to spread the good word but b) are willing to let me give out awesome new prizes to you, too! Get in on it! 

Current goal: I've just got my eyes on my 1,000-year goal. I need to average 3.5 a day for the rest of the year, but with enough halfs, I hopefully can easily manage that. I want it so bad - first 1,000 mile year ever? Yes please!

Month Goals: So I didn't achieve all the goals I set up for September. And that's okay, as hard as it is to swallow a bit, I need to realize that sometimes life doesn't account for all you want to do.  So, let's see where I came in:
  • 110 miles: Didn't make it, but 83 is a good upswing from where the summer was, so I'm going to take it and just keep on keepin' on with this in October. 110 or bust! 
  • Start Strength Training: I didn't do anything. Seriously. With this fall running + pacing calendar, I need to get on it. 
  • Cut Back on the Soda: I've certainly upped my water intake thanks to Waterlogged, where I track each day. I've cut back on soda and Starbucks, but have some room to go. Goal halfway met. 
  • Pay Off One Credit Card!: One done! Two cards with a $0 balance feels good. Technically, this card is temporarily paid off, as I got a cash advance on my travel for my upcoming conference in Denver for work, but it still feels good to be collecting 0% interest on it for a few weeks! Still a win.
All in all, not a terrible September. Classes started last week on campus, so I'm looking forward to getting into a routine with everything -- running, blogging, Disney, work, you name it! October is going to be super cray-cray with all this travel and FUN, but I'm looking forward to continuing my work on the above goals and getting to work. 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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