Saturday, October 3, 2015

PDX Bound + Birthday Shenanigans!

I'm so excited that my #30halfsfor30years is finally kick off today! Doug and I are bound for Portland this morning, heading up for the Portland Marathon where I'll be running the half on Sunday.

This has been planned since early August, but at first time felt like ti was just creeping by and now I can't believe it's HERE!

Oregon is state #8 in my 50 states quest, and I'm excited to go play in Portland, too. We don't have a ton planned yet, but I know I want to check out the International Rose Test Garden, the mandatory Voo Doo Doughnuts, but the rest is up for grabs! We're only there until Monday morning, so we've got pretty much today and Sunday afternoon to get our fun in.

Roses on roses on roses...
But in addition to the Portland race, this weekend officially kicks off my 10 days of utter birthday shenanigans. #30halfsfor30years is in celebration of my 30th half next Saturday at Rock 'n Roll Brooklyn while I celebrate my 30th birthday with my sister in New York! Check out what ridiculousness I'm up to:

Today, Saturday, October 4: To Portland
Sunday, October 5: Run Portland Half + get a tree!
Monday, October 6: Home from Portland
Wednesday, October 8: New York City bound
Saturday, October 10: RnR Brooklyn
Saturday, October 10: Fly back to LA
Sunday, October 11: Long Beach Half Marathon

This is my first-ever double weekend AND I'm doing it bi-coastally? I must be dumb. I know all three races aren't PRs, and may not be fast, but I am wayyy excited about my birthday trip! I get to see my sister again and spend a few days wit her, a weekend away with Doug, and get to do all the running! Make sure you follow along and check it all out with me!

Any suggestions for things to do in PDX? Have you ever done a racing bi-coastal weekend?

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