Sunday, August 30, 2015

50 States Goals

So I’ve talked quite a bit about Brooklyn on here – and as stoked as I am to cross off state #9 in the half-marathon-in-all-50-states quest, there’s another new state that comes just 6 days before New York that I haven’t gotten to mention yet! Total fail.

Yeahhhh buddy! For my 30th birthday weekend (!), I’m headed up the Pacific coast to lovely, hippie, green Portland, Oregon. I’ve been to Portland (but it’s been yearssssssssssss) and am super excited for a quick weekend getaway with Doug to celebrate, run, drink, eat, and do all the things that you’re supposed to do in Oregon. Like maybe go find a waterfall.

Totally worth the side trip, am I right?
 I’m serving as an Ambassador for the Portland Marathon. Because I registered late, I actually am registered for the half marathon as a charity runner, which is new to me! Half of my registration cost actually goes to the race’s Going the Distance Foundation, which then in turn sends money out to other local organizations and charities too!). Apparently their half marathon sells out before January of each year – seriously, like ten months in advance, Disney style, so you know this race is coveted and bound to be an amazing event.

Check out the swag – as this race has been voted Best Swag in years past – and I’m not gonna lie.. I’m pretty excited about this tree.

Also, can we talk about how it’s not a space blanket? Takes-up-way-too-much-space-blankets are just annoying and noisy and I’m super excited about actually keeping this post race and using it at other races over the winter!

As of today, I’ve also learned that the race folks are working with a local Portland organizations called Piano! Push! Play!, which is a group that takes donated pianos and puts them in parks all over the city – sometimes with musicians, and sometimes just left out for the public to play and enjoy. There will be two along the course – the first with a musician, the second left open for runners (and spectators!) to stop for a few quick notes. How cool, right? I hope it comes with this cutie patootie puppy along for the ride, too.

My 30th birthday race extravaganza is going to kick start with this amazing race and race-cation and I could NOT be more excited. Want to join me in Race #1 of my birthday celebrations? The full marathon is still open, though only for about a week more! Half marathon charity spaces are still open too, but those are slim so act quick! Use code MEGAN10 to save  $10 on your registration!

Have you ever done a birthday race? I have to wait until at least 2016 for my birthday to be a race day, but this is close enough for now, so I'm excited!

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