Friday, August 28, 2015

JetBlue Long Beach International Marathon & Half Marathon + Discount Code!

Last year I got to run the Long Beach Half for the first time ever as the start of my Beach Cities Challenge quest. I also got to pace Monica to a super PR and reveled in some of her glory of meeting a new big goal! We've got to get her to sub-2 still but we're working on that... 

But seriously, even after finishing it my first time last October, I knew I'd be back to run Long Beach again. Flat, fast, tons of course support, and donut holes at mile 10? All things to know and love about this race. 

Better yet, this year I've been selected to be one of their inaugural ambassadors! I am way beyond excited, not only to spread some money-saving love (discount code below), but to spread the LB love and tell everyone that if this is the race you want to PR at (at least for the half; I can't speak to the full), this is the place to do it. The last three miles' worth of sidewalks are slathered in people cheering you in, just enough to get you on that last high and to finish your race off strong. The Queen Mary, the lighthouse, the boardwalk, the beach and ocean are all part of your views and minus the one bridge you've gotta run over, it all looks pretty good. 

The city also just finished an extended bike/run path, so it's even wider so all 15,000 of us half-ers can fit and, unlike last year, the dude riding his bike into traffic won't ding his bell at us to move! Serious, that happened.

But any rate, besides the half and full, Long Beach weekend also offers a 5K at the Aquarium of the Pacific (you get to run through the aquarium for the first time ever!) and a few bike races on race morning. To boot, or for that extra motivation, there's also some challenge medals involved! Check out this year's beauties:

I am excited, to say the least, to return to this year's race. JetBlue is the new title sponsor, along with some other amazing folks that represent Long Beach and some of the best that the running community has to offer. You know it's bound to be a good time with these folks on board!

So tell me... will I see you somewhere around Long Beach? You can use code RUNLBAMBMJ for $5 off any of the races - 5K, half, full, bike races... you name it! Let me know if I'll get to see and/or meet you at Long Beach! I'll be super stupid crazy dumb and flying in the night before from Brooklyn (there are a few of us this dumb, don't worry) but either way, I'll be at the half start line come Sunday morning! 

See you at Long Beach?


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    1. Hi Bmet - this is last year's code. This year (2016) is RUNJLBMMJ for 10% off any of the weekend events.

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