Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites #5

Another edition of Friday faves, comin' atcha - I'm seriously bursting with excitement today because there is just SO much going on lately and I can't wait to share it all! Squee! First and foremost...

1. Holidays at Disneyland open TODAY!

I'm the biggest holiday sucker ever and Christmas at Disneyland is quite possibly one of my favorite things on the face of the planet. So excited. Especially since we're now passholders, I can go check out California Adventure, because I've never seen that side of the park at Christmastime, so it's even more excitement. I am very much one of those wide-eyed, child-like 30-year-olds who squeals every time she sees something new at the parks. Cannot wait.

Have you also seen the holiday food list? Yeah, lots of those are happening!

2. I get to see my bestie today!
Tina's in from Phoenix for work in downtown LA and decided to take another day on to come visit (thanks Jon!). I haven't seen her since Ragnar Del Sol in February and while her cutie patootie kiddos aren't coming along, I'm excited to just have time with her! Best yet, we're running the Lace Up 10K tomorrow out in Palos Verdes before she flies home! Bestie time AND running time. Cannot wait.

3. Weekend Adventures
I can't spill the beans too much here, but aside from running the Lace Up 10K tomorrow, I'll then be heading up to Ventura on Saturday afternoon to pace the Surfer's Point Half on Sunday (use code BEAST to save 30% if you want in!). Stoked for more pacing fun! I was supposed to run the Lace Up half, but decided to downgrade to the 10K (super challenging course) as I got moved up from the 2:30 to 2:00 pacer this week for Sunday and I don't want to blow it! 

Sunday holds more adventures, but again... can't share details just yet! More to come!

4. Races Galore!
I love having a full race schedule. By no means do I race all of these, and I think right now I have a healthy mix of races I'm running for me and races that I'm pacing, so I know I won't go all-out every single time. It works wonderfully. My new addition to the race schedule is pacing a Turkey Trot 15K on Thanksgiving! 

It's an inaugural race not far from me, so I am excited! And it's more than just a 5K, so I'll get my turkey and food fill later for sure. Want to join me? Use code BEAST for $5 off when you register for the Riverside Turkey Trot (5K and 15K offered)! 

Happy Friday, friends!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. Well I sort of already saw #1 so I'm looking forward to #2!! I can't believe I'm on your blog :) Happy Tina! I'm so bored right now - I'm ready to get on a train and see you!

    1. You definitely beat me to #1 and I'm super jealous. And YAYYYYYY for #2. You must be bored. ;)