Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites #6

1. Cali Combo
Rock 'n Roll announced the re-design of the Cali Combo medal and I'm swooning over it hardcore. Check out this beauty:

You can earn this for running three of four races: San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, or Los Angeles. You might count me in for 2016...

2. 25 Days of Sparkly Soul
Um... heck yes! Sparkly Soul is bringing back their 25 days of SS love by doing a daily special all the days leading up to Christmas! This week has featured the silver headbands, neon pink and bows! I can't wait to see what else is in store and grab some stellar deals on my favorites - and for stocking stuffers!

3. Ugly Sweater Socks
ProCompression released their annual holiday sock yesterday morning and most sizes sold out in like, record time (think less than 3 hours for the S/M sizes) - holy whoa! Did you get your hands on some? I've got like four holiday races coming up and can't wait to see how many other people are rockin' 'em too! 

4. Demolishing Goals

I totally demolished my November goal of 115 miles and ran 123 instead. December's been off to a funky start, but if I run all the miles I've mapped out for December, I'll get my magic 1,000 on Christmas Day... Merry Christmas to me, right? My present to myself when I make it is a new, shiny Garmin and retiring my old girl that's well over three years old.

5. Demolishing More Goals!
Other goal I'm demolishing? Getting that credit card debt worked off. Tina would be so proud! My 2015 goal was to reduce it by half and I'm pretty sure I've reduced it by nearly 75% and am so so sooo close to being debt-free. I know a new car is in my works in the future closer than I'd like, and I'd love to be ready for it with having all my credit card debt done looming over my head.

It's a happy day, happy Friday, and happy kick-off to the holiday race season weekend with my favorite local 5K! Yipee!

What are you loving this fine Friday?


  1. Sooooo close on that credit card!!! It feels amazing and I am super duper proud of you!