Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Recap

But seriously... how is it December already?

Total run mileage: 123.69. Goal demolished. New highest monthly mileage ever! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 48.9. Holy cow, no wonder I was so tired! Highest weekly mileage too!
# Runs: 23
# Rest days: 11 
# Cross-training workouts: A few walks. Not enough that I should be doing, given this month's mileage.
# Races: Lots of races! Pacing mostly, but a few for fun. More to come in December! :)
Favorite run: Revel Canyon City. I seriously had such a blast that day and though I was in it for fun (pacing), I've never had that much fun running a half marathon, nor pacing, before! It was a beautiful day, a gorgeous course, and a new race for me, so all things stacked up to be a pretty fantastic Saturday morning. 

Hardest Run: Not a run, but that Baldy business was a little real. I'm working on a post all about it, but 15 miles round trip of a hike, working muscles I kinda forgot that I had, and 15 degrees at the top of the mountain? 

There's a Six Peak Challenge coming around Southern California next year and I'm half tempted to do it - just as another way to ensure I'm doing some extra training outside of running. My quads haven't felt that worked in a long time. But for the beauty, the serenity, and the sheer satisfaction of making it to the top of So Cal's third-highest peak? Priceless.

Current need: Officially, a new Garmin. My baby is well over three years old and is starting to die quicker and quicker, despite being on the charger all night. I'm already eye-balling my new one and am gifting it to myself once I hit my #1000orbust goal (1000 miles on the year) -- 117.63 miles to go and she's mine! Can't wait! 

Current favorite: Christmas at Disney. Duh. 

Current goal: There are exactly 117.63 miles that stand between me and my reaching 1,000 running miles in a year for the first time ever. I am way freaking stoked and ready to earn that IERC pin! Bring it on, December.

Month Goals: I made most of my November goals, or at least made good progress towards them, so I am super pumped about that. 
  • 115 miles: Demolished. 123.69, woot woot! December goal: 117.63 to finish #1000orbust and do it before December 27 so I'm not cramming all the miles in between Christmas and New Year's. And then extra mileage is just fun. 
  • Strength train at least one time per week: I didn't do anything. Seriously. I need to get on it to get strong for some spring races. December goal: strength train at least one time per week.
  • Keep up 95oz water per day / 1-2 sodas per week: I'm doing better at this and have definitely watched my soda intake while eating out. Water + Gatorade. Holiday season time is hard with all the wine (!) but I know that if I keep up on my water, indulging in wine and holiday cocktails won't be the end of me. December goal: Keep up 95 ounces per day. 
  • Pay card minimums + pay off half of Denver trip with remaining budget: Denver isn't quite half paid off, but I have some major financial planning to do this month between Christmas and budgeting for the new year. However, I've chipped away at it as best as I am able and that's all I can do! Progress. December goal: Pay off one more credit card (already in the works) and create financial plan for the new year. Big things coming in 2016! 
November was awesome, especially with all the races I got to squeeze in between pacing and running with my bestie. December's got a few exciting things coming up between races, my sister coming home for the holidays (and Disney with her!) and other general life fun. I can't wait - it's my favorite time of year!

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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