Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Recap

Sitting here watching the NYC live stream on a gorgeous Sunday morning, cheering on elites and friends! One day I'll get there! 

Total run mileage: 110.2! Mission accomplished. 
Highest weekly run mileage: 34.6 -- you know, two halfs in a week will do that to you! Let alone the three halfs in 8 days I did... :)
# Runs: 23
# Rest days: 10. 
# Cross-training workouts: Lots of walking - around Portland, around New York, around Denver... lots of walking and exploring this month. I've been lucky. 
# Races: Lots of races! And lots more in November! 
Favorite run: A super fabulous Halloween run yesterday with my run club ladies. Alice, the Queen and of course the Tweedles all checked in for an amazing 10 miler to round out my 110 mile goal - done and done! I love this run club and loved seeing how much people get in the spirit of Halloween, costumes, and all things fun! 

Hardest Run: That back-to-back #BKtoLB madness. See recaps for more, but man! As awesome as I felt in Brooklyn and having a 55-degree race start, going from that to a 100+-degree finish in Long Beach was difficult. I had a great time during the last 5K at Long Beach, but that was no joke! My legs were tired, and I definitely got to the point where it was just about the finish line, not the finish time!

Current need: Honestly? No needs. I'm making my mileage goals, survived the madness that October was (I spent nearly half the month away from home in three different states) and am feeling PUMPED to get through November and December and blast my 1000 mile goal out of the water. I. Got. This.

Current favorite: Spending Halloween with this guy at Disneyland. He got his costume for work on Thursday night (he was a banana), I had no costume, and we really had no idea what we wanted to do. A concert was thrown around, the idea of Disney post-run club and post-football for him, but we really couldn't make up our minds. Disneyland was a most excellent choice. T-minus 12 days until Christmastime at Disneyland (my absolute favorite!). 

Current goal: Now that I hit that 110-month goal, I've got my eyes on 1000 and I know it's actually in reach. I need to hit 113 in both November and December, but hoping that between the four half marathons I have in November, I can blast way past 113 and have an easy December. Time will only tell, but now that I know it's in sight, I'm really excited to get there! 

Month Goals: I made most of my October goals, or at least made good progress towards them, so I am super pumped about that. 
  • 110 miles: Done and done! November goal: 115. 
  • Start Strength Training: I didn't do anything. Seriously. With this fall running + pacing calendar, I need to get on it. November goal: strength train at least one time per week.
  • Cut Back on the Soda: I'm doing okay at this still, but need to be better about sodas when I eat out. I'm upwards of 95 ounces of water a day, but still let myself indulge. That's okay, but would like to cut down a bit more too. November goal: Keep up 95 ounces per day / 1-2 sodas per week.
  • Pay Off One Credit Card!: Done! Technically, this card is temporarily paid off, as I got a cash advance on my travel for my upcoming conference in Denver for work, but it still feels good to be collecting 0% interest on it for a few weeks! Still a win. November goal: Pay minimums + pay off half of Denver trip with remaining budget. 
An awesome October. I accomplished one of my year goals of running in two new states this year which was awesome (Oregon and New York make states #8 and 9).  I got to spend my birthday weekend in October with Doug, then fly to New York to visit my sister and run some more, and come back to run Long Beach and see Doug finish his 2nd of 3 races to finish the Beach Cities Challenge! I am excited and roarin' up for the fall and winter racing and pacing season (lots coming up!) and am feeling pretty psyched about it all!

Oregon, done! 
What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?


  1. Congrats on an awesome month! It sounds like November will be just as great =)

    1. Thanks Lauren! Hoping that I can bring it in full force in November too!

  2. You really did have an awesome October! I was super impressed!

    1. Thanks dear! Cheers to the last two months of the year - gotta make it count now! :D