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Race Recap: Lexus Lace Up Series Irvine 10K

Lexus Lace Up Series - Irvine 10K
October 17, 2015

Last year, I ran the Lexus Lace Up Riverside race – had a great time, minus some crappy weather and last-minute course changes due to said crappy weather. Circle back a full year and I’m serving as a Lace Up Ambassador and couldn’t be more excited the season is finally underway!

Lace Up Irvine was this past Saturday and the kick off to the entire Lace Up season – Irvine, Ventura, Palos Verdes and Riverside make up the full season. Irvine is the only location that doesn’t offer a half marathon, but frankly after the two last weekend, I’m not sure I’d have dug it anyway. Offering a 5 and 10K along the San Diego Creek Trail, this was a perfect distance (I opted for the 10K) to get my legs up and moving again. 

Probably one of my favorite things about Lace Up is that they offer race-day pick up. No fuss in HAVING to get down to Orange County on a Friday night (re: not happening), as you can stroll in race morning, get your ish, and settle in for the race. Win-win. I left home about 6:15 and was in Irvine by 7, to park, get my bib, shirt, and swag bag, and to meet up with Sandy, my favorite speedy friend. I love this year’s shirts and can’t to wait to wear mine in Denver on a run this week.

Some of the LaceUp ambassador crew!
The 5K started at 8 and the 10K at 8:10, so I had a little more time after meeting up with all the ambassadors for a group photo, and normal pre-race ritual stuff. I found Charlotte, who was running this as her first 10K ever (because doesn’t everyone go from 5K to half marathon?) and was excited as can be. She’s such a doll and I’m glad I got to hang out with her more (aside from friend-stalking on Insta).

8:10 came super quick and I was ready to go. After some super awkward pre-race stretching with the announcer (only awkward because there was no room after he told us all to scoot up!), we were off. I said out loud that my goal was just to keep it under an hour, just to prove that that is my new consistent. Considering I remember the first time I broke 1-hour, I’m stoked that an ‘easy’ run is still a solid 50-something.

The 5K and 10K don’t even go in the same direction, but both follow the San Diego Creek Trail on the bike/pedestrian path. Some rolling hills, for sure as you go over parts of the wash or up and over a road or under the bridges, but I think the elevation evens itself out. My legs were tired, for sure, but felt okay, so I walked when I felt like it and just wanted a decent run. Somewhere I decided that I wasn’t that far back of women who appeared to be 30-ish, so then I set myself up in my head to try and get an AG place (spoiler: accomplished).

My only disappointment with the race was the amount of cyclists out on the trail. Nothing that can be helped of course, given that it's a public trail, and most (if not all) of the cyclists were cheering us on too. The only one that really left a bad taste in my mouth was the cyclist going down the middle of the trail (trying to weave around runners) and as one of the lead male runners was coming back, looking down and clearly focused, you could hear her very loudly say "Look up, mother f-er!" but you know... the full verbiage. Sorry lady, we're on this trail just as much as you are today. Left me a little bitter, but nothing that can be done - just learn to share the road! And be nice. Just be nice. ;)

Near the end, I met two friends who were running their first 10K ever – I told them if they hung on, they’d finish their first 10K in under an hour and that was AWESOME. One guy fell back a bit, but may have squeaked in, and my other friend was not far off my heels (he just wanted to beat his brother-in-law!).

I hung out at the finish line to wait for Charlotte and then we made our way to the results boards – I love that you can look yourself up on the spot and check out your placement! … but wait, I was in the wrong age group! They still had me in the 25-29 age group, so I headed over to the timing folks to find out what was up. They fixed me and I placed third in my new age group (30-34)! Squee! Second year in a row placing at a Lace Up event (and hopefully more to come at the next few). Happy times! (I went back to the 25-29 group later to look to see if I’d have placed there too, and I still would have come in third!) :)

Post-race, I hung out with Charlotte some more and got to meet the super fab RER Monica, who is just as funny in person as she is on her blog (go read it, or you’re missing out). Other Lace Up perks? Advertised as post race “brunch,” you actually get a full food ticket for one of a few food trucks that set up shop! UM, HELLO. There’s also a Sierra Nevada beer garden, also included in your race registration. Can you say happy runners? I got myself a super delish hot dog from Dogzilla and then had to book home for a haircut (aaaah).
Photo stolen courtesy of Monica
ALSO - and probably one of my other fave perks to Lace Up? FREE PHOTOS! Heck yes. That's where all my super fab action shots in this post came from. Alright, so not all the best, but hey, better than paying $80 for one digital download, amIright?

I’m bummed I’m missing Ventura this weekend, but YOU can get there with code laceupmegan for 40% off! Other Lace Up races included Palos Verdes and Riverside, and laceupmegan will save you 15% off those two races!

Orrrrrr… you can try and win an entry over on my Instagram through Thursday morning. Doooo ittttt!

Lace Up really provides a high-quality race series that you expect from a big-time race, but on a small scale, providing a much more intimate and personal experience. Food trucks, free photos (oh! did I mention on-the-spot Instagram printed photos?), beer garden, and swag galore, there's a lot to be commended for Lace Up and the work they do. I can't wait until Palos Verdes to get back to them!

What’s your favorite food post-race?

I am a Lace Up Ambassador, which means I was provided an entry to each of the four race locations. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of other ambassadors or race production crew! I am a firm believer, however, in this series and recommend it highly. 

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