Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #3

January 17 - 23

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that!

Sunday | Cross Train 
Since I missed that long run on Saturday thanks to a late flight into Dallas, I wanted to get my miles in on Sunday morning before our second day of business began. The goal was 13, but early on I knew that'd be a stretch (partially a mental battle, partially due to time). I got in 4.5 and called it a wash. Oh well.

I spent a little time on Sunday afternoon reflecting - have I mentioned how much I love my Believe Training Journal? - and putting this week's plan down on paper. I was ready to let last week go, acknowledge the fact that bad weeks are okay (and normal!) and that it really lets you appreicate those kick-ass weeks/days/runs even more. While I obviously wanted to bounce back this week and kick total ass, I needed to be realistic at the same time and just let whatever happens... happen.

Monday | Rest
I got back from Dallas late on Sunday night, and since we had Monday off from work for the MLK holiday, I wanted to take full advantage and SLEEP! I don't do much for sleeping in, but I had a massage to look forward to, so that made it okay. Doug and I headed over to Massage Envy for our massages, and then I stayed out for a much-needed mani/pedi and then the not-so-fun part of a dentist appointment. Day-off productivity at its best.

A good mani makes everything better, right?
 Tuesday | 90 minutes aerobic
I bounced up on Tuesday morning at 4:45, ready to get to work, like I'd found an all-new sense of energy. I was in the gym and on the treadmill at 5. My plan, to avoid total treadmill burnout, was to run 5-ish there and then go home, grab the pup, and knock out 3-ish more which would be close to 90 minutes' worth of time and the pup would be happy to get out.

5.17 (49:59) on treadmill + 2.75 (29:18) with Molly. Not the full 90 minutes, but the 8ish I was gunning for and I ran out of time otherwise.

7.92 miles / 1:19:28

Wednesday | Cross Train/Rest
Finally got Jacky to come to Fleet Feet yoga with me! She wanted to run a few beforehand, so I agreed so long as they were easy. Just under 3 miles and a good hour-long stretch to get my Wednesday on.

2.87 miles / 26:09 (9:06 pace) + 1 hour yoga. 

Thursday | 40 minute race pace
Lately I've been battling some nasty headaches (I'm partially blaming lots of computer time this week at work and me not wearing my glasses as I should) and Thursday night was no exception. I popped some aspirin as soon as I got home and closed my eyes for 20 minutes, hoping it'd subside and I could hop over to FF's group run... to no avail. I was not feeling it and really needed a night on the couch. Meh.

Friday | Rest
Last day of work for the week! Oh wait... I'm working 12 hour days on both Saturday and Sunday, so I took this rest day very happily to gear up for the long weekend ahead!

After work on Friday, I headed to my mom's Soroptimist chapter's paint party fundraiser! I've done one paint party before, but this one came with dinner and a wine bar -- because wine totally makes you paint better, right? Check out my work!

Saturday | 16 aerobic
Up and at work at 7 am on Saturday, out the office door at 7:20 pm makes for a long day. I was hoping to get part 1 of this long run in on Saturday night, but I was nearly asleep on the couch eating my dinner, so I knew this was out. Do what you can, right? 16 might be unrealistic. While that makes me nervous, as I want to get some good mileage in before Phoenix, I know that I have endurance and am conditioned to make it work. We'll just see what I can do in the next few weeks!

Overall, this week was better than last. I'm still not super satisifed with what I got done, but had a great couple of runs and am looking forward to the up and up. Surf City is also only two weeks away, so I'm WAY excited about seeing my work come into play and hopefully earn myself a new PR along the beach. (Side note: prices go up January 31! Register with code SCMJOHNSTON10 and save 10% before it's too late!)

Ready for more work. We're headed to Phoenix next weekend for the Lyons' twins adoption party (!), so I've got a long run to get in there that might come in the form of a race, because why not at least earn a medal if you're going to run long, right?

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. Loving the nail color! I'm a huge fan of dark polish!! Great job with the running this week. Glad things are starting to fall back into place. The winter is so tough on the workout schedule. Thanks again for the link up!!

    1. Dark polish is totally my thing all winter. As soon as spring hits, it's all neon, all bright, and all obnoxious. :) Thanks for joining up again!

  2. I would totally run a race as a training run to get a medal! I much prefer long runs with other people around because I'm more likely to keep going if someone else is there. I went to another town to run long with a friend this weekend and knocked out my best 10 miles yet!

    1. Heck yes! As of last night, I'm officially registerd so YAY for earning a medal for a long distance training run! #notashamed I'm looking forward to having a race totally and completely for fun (I haven't had that in awhile). Running with friends is the best, especially when you normally train solo!

  3. Looks like a great week of training! I love that your mom is a Soroptimist! They're amazing! You're going to ROCK Surf City and because of you, that race is officially on my list :)

    1. They are amazing! And she's loved it (mostly, LOL), but I love what they do around our community.

      YASSSSS! Surf City is awesome - I clarify, the half is awesome. The scenery is great, but the full marathon does a double u-turn, so it u-turns with the half, then comes almost all the way back to the start line for another u-turn... check the course maps out. It's weird.

      BUT come do the half with me one day! :)