Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #2

January 10 - 16

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that!

Sunday | Cross Train 
I'm seriously considering moving my Sundays to rest days and making Monday cross-training days instead. After a super awesome long run at Citrus (and then some) on Saturday, I really just wanted to sleep in on Sunday. And then we had a super awesome last day at BTRR at Disneyland. So... walking (a lot) for cross training counts, right?

Monday | Rest
Monday was the first day of classes of the winter quarter back on campus and that meant the start of a long day. This turned into a rest day too, though I wasn't excited about it.

Tuesday | 80 minutes aerobic
AKA. the worst run ever. You can read more about that here and find out why I only lasted 15 minutes of the 80. AKA excuses, and a more-than-defeating-and-confidence-crushing kinda day. But at least my #runmatchy was on point.

Wednesday | Cross Train/Rest
Back to yoga at Fleet Feet! After Tuesday's confidence-crusher, I really wanted to do nothing more than curl up on the couch under my blanket and just hang out in my PJs. I felt super bloated and crampy and gross, so yoga was the last thing on my want-to-do list. Doug pushed me out the door, got me to go, and as usual... you never regret the workout you got done.

One hour of super awesome runner stretches + yoga = done.

Thursday | 45 minute race pace
After falling so flat on Tuesday (notice a theme this week?), I finally got it together on Thursday and wanted to make up for it. Sandy met up with me at Fleet Feet's group run that night. I was scheduled for 45 minutes at race pace and knew I could certainly handle that. Sandy's always been the speedier one, so I was really excited to hang on with her the entire way, hit a perfect 8:30 average pace, and crushed the last mile in an 8:06. Boom. Confidence (mostly) re-acquired. Thanks Sandy!

5.06 miles, 43:01, 8:30 pace average (spot on race pace!)

Finally got to run with this lady!
Friday | Rest
I had a late flight out to Dallas, so I was super grateful for a rest day to sleep in a little bit and then get home from work, put up my feet for a few minutes, and then get out to the airport on time. Thank goodness for living 10 minutes away from the front door of the terminal!

Saturday | 13 race pace
After getting to the hotel at 2:45 am on Saturday morning, I was not about to pull myself out of bed at 6 to get my long run in before our business started. Spoiler: I already knew I was in for it today (Sunday), so I made some good food choices instead and enjoyed an extra rest day in sorority business meetings.

And that's how I roll. We'll see how this long run goes today on a hotel treadmill. :) 

Overall, a rough week. I know these rough weeks make you appreciate the good ones all the more, but for as stellar as last week was, this was a bit of a jab in the confidence pocket. Ready for a comeback next week. 3 weeks until Surf City! (Register with code SCMJOHNSTON10 to save 10% and join me on the beach!) 

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. Sorry your latest week of training didn't go as well as planned. Sometimes our body has more days of rest planned for us than we'd like, I had a little bit of that last week too! Awesome job on those race pace runs, super speedy!

    1. You're right -- sometimes we need that extra rest day. Our brain might not be saying so, but our body sure can! I had a decent week this week, so I'm hoping that I'm back on the up and up!

  2. You definitely have a lot on your plate and weeks aren't always meant to be perfect. Good job keeping up with things and knowing when it was time to sit back and leave it for another day. You're body will thank you later.

    1. There is a ton going on and I think I need to remember that I can only do what I can. Overall, I'm conditioned and in shape, and I need to remember that fact too! :)

  3. Congrats on getting your training in this week! It sounds like you were stressed with winter quarter and of course you had a busy weekend so maybe that affected your run? Marathon training (and all training, really) is hard and some weeks are better than others. It sounds like your race pace runs went really well!

    Our Fleet Feet has some great runs and programs. I really like their store.

    1. The first week of classes is always crazy so it's definitely about just doing what you can, sometimes. I think that was the big lesson last week with the start of school and travel and all that shenanigans... I think I'm at peace with it now. :)

  4. Nice race pace miles! I've just started doing some tempo miles at my ultimate race pace for the year and hitting them straight on feels great. Don't get too beat up about a rougher week, you had a lot going on! Hopefully next week will be better for you.

    1. Thanks Sam! I'm really trying to focus on some speed-building, let alone speed over long distances, but it's nice to know that I can hit the short mileage at my race pace goal! #PRorBust in two weeks, so it's go time! :)