Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #4

January 24 - 30

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that!

Sunday | Cross Train 
If you remember from last week, I had 16 miles on tap, but I was in the office for a total of 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday, so a long week to say the least. I was hoping to have gotten some mileage in on Saturday night, but I was ready to close my eyes when I got home at 8 pm, so that wasn't even worth trying.

I pulled myself out of bed on Sunday morning at 5 to get in some kind of mileage before heading back to the office at 7. Because some is better than zero, right? Right.

6.3 miles / 1:02:18 / 9:54 pace

Monday | Rest
After that marathon at work for the weekend I needed the rest day (mostly from work!) but you do what you gotta do. I was grateful to sleep in an extra hour and a half compared to Saturday and Sunday's shenanigans, and enjoy an easy Monday evening on my couch. Delightful.

I also meal prepped some lunches on Monday night - a determination to feel my best going into Surf City next weekend. As of Monday, it's no alcohol, no soda, and generally watching my biggest flaw: the baked goods. It's been hard, I won't lie, but Monday was a good start!

 Tuesday | 30 minutes aerobic
Because I couldn't make Thursday's FF group run, I went Tuesday to get some social mileage in. It was supposed to be easy and only 30 minutes but with a little doubt hovering from last week, I wanted to get in an extra bit of mileage, regardless of pace. Well I ended up running with one of the speedies (pretty sure he was taking it easy for me) BUT I chatted the whole way and wasn't out of breath or feeling it terribly, so that's a good sign too! Boom.

5.10 miles / 46:27 / 9:06 pace

Wednesday | Cross Train/Rest
Fleet Feet yoga. I was way excited for this class and ready to get my stretch on. I actually had a bit of pent up energy, so I went and ran some easy miles before heading out the door and being almost late to yoga instead. Whoops!

2 miles (19:15) + .3 cool down / Yoga 60:00 

Thursday | 30 minute race pace
As hard as I sleep after yoga on Wednesday nights, it's equally as hard to get my butt up on Thursday mornings! I took the luxury of sleeping in. It happens. I also knew that I had another 12-hour day ahead of me, as we were starting the team debate of choosing our student leaders for the summer, so I anticipated being on campus at least 12 hours (final answer: 11 hours, 30 minutes!).

Friday | Rest
Since I missed Thursday, I wanted to make sure I made it count on Friday. Up before the sun for some wonderfully charged miles on the treadmill before work. I only ran 3, but upped each quarter-mile, and then restarted with each mile. So each first-quarter was a 9:31 pace, then 9:05, 8:47, 8:12. Perfection.

3.0 miles / 26:43 / 8:54 pace

#runmatchy perfection.

Saturday | 13 aerobic
Friday night, pretty much as soon as I got home, we loaded up and made our way out to Phoenix (as I write). My college bestie, Tina, and her husband have finally officially adopted their cutie patootie twins (fostered them for 818 days) and Saturday was their big celebration party - so much love, so much fun! I'll have more to share on Monday! :) But if you want to read their adoption story, check it out here. I'm still crying.

BUT I had so much fun, I didn't get my miles... so it's a good thing I'm signed up for the inaugural Phoenix Women's Half Marathon (Tina's doing the 10K), this morning. I'm looking forward to running a half with zero expectations aside from having fun and making it a solid long run (that just happens to have a medal at the end). It feels like it's been awhile since I've gotten to run without a pace attached to me, so it'll be fun just having a fun, easy half marathon to do! More on that this week - but I'm excited!

And here in begins the crazy. Surf City is next weekend (if you're not registered yet, do so with code SCMJOHNSTON10 to save 10%) and that's the big half marathon goal race (so yes, you might think I'm a little crazy for running a half the weekend before, but I never said I was sane). The following weekend, I'm pacing the San Diego Mermaid Half (2:15) and then it's two weeks until Phoenix! Eep!

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh man, so ridiculous! I don't know how I keep up with myself. :)

  2. I'll link up tomorrow when I post, but it looks like you had a great week even if you had to move some miles around to get it in. I really like evening yoga and miss that a lot because it helped me sleep.

    1. Sometimes you've gotta move miles, right? Sometimes it's just about getting them done! :)

  3. Wow! Your training is ON POINT! That pace where you can talk without dying? I would say you are going to kick major butt! Thanks for hosting!

    1. Thanks lady! I certainly hope so! That was only 5 miles, so gosh willing I make it happen for a full race!

  4. This sounds like a solid week! Way to get everything in in the middle of a marathon work event! I wish I could run Surf City, but thanks to you, it's definitely on my list for next year! Rest easy this week, and don't be too hard on yourself if you give in to the baked goods ;) That's always my biggest weakness!

    1. I look forward to you coming out next year to run Surf City with me again! :)

    2. I look forward to you coming out next year to run Surf City with me again! :)

  5. Ha sane is funny for runners! None of us are sane but it's a totally relative term. I'm an impulse racer- I find races that I want to do and just sign up with a month to 6 weeks in advance (or sometimes less) and do them in the middle of training for other races. Keeps me fresh and my mind in the game plus you get a medal for a training run!

    1. Isn't 'sane' such a funny word for runners? Sometimes I'm quite the impulse runner and sometimes I'm the ultimate planner. I can't seem to balance both. ;)

      And HECKYE

    2. Isn't 'sane' such a funny thing for runners? I totally agree! HECK YES for getting a medal for a training run - sometimes the best way to get it done! LOL. No shame. :)

  6. Nice week! I feel the same going into a race, although it's two weeks away. Starting today I'm aiming to drink no beer until I reach the finish line!