Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Recap

Total run mileage: 100.77. I just wanted to get to 100, and since I skipped so many runs or shortened so many long ones I'm stoked I at least hit that goal. It definitely could have been higher, but I'll take it for what it is, considering how insane January was! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 28.82. Not stellar, but again, I'l take it for what it is! 
# Runs: 17. 
# Rest days: 11.  
# Cross-training workouts: 5. Four weeks of yoga (once a week) and one day cycling. Not great, but a lot better than I used to be! I'll get there. 

# Races: "Just" two this month, both half marathons:
     - Citrus Heritage Half (2:00 pacer / 2:00)
Favorite run: The first long run of the month - January 2. I killed 12 miles at race pace (8:30) and talked and laughed and had a great day. And I got finished that run with a big smile on my face and the realization that I could do it and that maybe there's a PR for me at Surf City. This was the day I realized I could. Bring it on, Huntington Beach! 

Hardest Run: There were actually a couple of tough runs this month. I credit it to just how freaking busy this month was and the fat that there was a LOT of treadmill time. I've definitely struggled this month and for as much as I've gotten used to treadmill time, it certainly doesn't make it much easier! Soo boooooo to that! Looking forward to some later sunshine so I can get some evening runs in in daylight without worrying about nighttime safety. 

Current need: To get over this "flu-like" whatever that's been plaguing me. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) with a migraine about 1 am, didn't go to work because of a significant lack of sleep and that eventually turned into feeling chills, body aches, and other issues. After Doug got home from football practice, we went to urgent care... sooo... you can see where that leads. Hoping I can shake it off enough for a decent enough run at Surf City on Sunday. :( 

Current favorite: Not gonna lie, yoga has been rocking my socks (or bare feet) off lately. I'm enjoying a cool, mellow hour every Wednesday and am at the point that I very much already look forward to it when I wake up each Wednesday morning. I am far from flexible, but I can feel myself already loosening up just a bit and getting a good stretch on. Now if I could only commit to doing this by myself another day each week, I'd be good to go. 

Current goal: It's February 3 and it's PR week, baby. Surf City is on Sunday and while I am stoked and pumped and all kinds of ready, the race nerves have also set in and I am also (not so) secretly terrified. My badass Ironman girl Jacky is pacing me and I know she's got this on lock for me. I just hope I have it on lock for myself. 

Month Goals: Being that it was the first month of the year, I didn't set any specific January goals, but wanted to get a good start on my 2016 goals overall. Accountability time, friends! 

1. Run 1,100 miles. 
100.77 miles down, 999.23 to go! If I can keep up 100 mile months this year consistently, I'll be done WAY before December 30 like I was in 2015! 
2. Marathon PR
Marathon #1 for the year comes at the end of February (Phoenix). January is just working towards that! 

3. Complete a triathlon.
I'm still toying with this idea. I know I can do it if I give myself the time and commitment to training in something other than running shoes. We shall see! 
4. Finish off my credit card debt.
Knocking off more, a little at a time. No major progress this month, but with a good size tax return coming my way in less than 21 days, I am fairly certain this will become a good reality in February! Booyah! 

5. Journal
I journaled twice this month, much less than I had hoped but you know, life gets in the way sometimes. I need to find a time each week, set it or schedule it, and commit to making it a reality. New month, new chance to start over and get to work! 

6. Strength & Cross Train
I made it to yoga every Wednesday this month - while that's only four days (plus one random day of cycling), that's a significant increase from what I've done prior. I look forward to Wednesdays and am excited to make this a pattern! 

7. Volunteer More
Already eye-balling races I want to volunteer at. More next month, hopefully, when I set this into action! 

8. Speak Up
This is by far one of the hardest goals for me this year. Nothing exciting to report, but am looking forward to the personal challenge. 

January was insanely busy and really, February is going to be no exception, but I am looking forward to making progress to all eight goals continuously. Here's to the start of the year because having 11  months to go means I still have a shot! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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