Monday, January 4, 2016

2016: The Year of the Marathon

I accomplished every goal I set out for in 2015. Every. Single. One. Though some were not to the degree I had hoped for (namely, that marathon PR), I can still they were achieved and can do so with a pretty big smile on my face.

Running really took a big part of my life in 2015, partially from the tail-end of unemployment and it providing me some kind of sanity through that nonsense, and then even a little bit of relief as the new job started and trying to maintain a balance in my life with a pretty demanding job over the summer. July hit some mileage lows (like 30 all month), but showed me that when I am determined to do something (like 1,000 miles), I'll do what I can to achieve it and look past the harder times.

I put numbers and specific goals into a lot of things. I believe in setting SMART goals, mostly so I can keep myself in check and also set goals that are realistic and that I won't kill myself doing. 1,000 was a stretch, but I backed off for a bit and then had to make up for it later! Numbers are hard and sometimes they leave a lot to live up to and sometimes put on that extra stress. At the same time, they hold you accountable.

That being said, my goals for 2016 are a mix of numeric and non-numeric things - some things I keep track off like a mad-woman (mileage!) and race times do other work for me, but some other things are plans and ideas that I'd like to see put into action.

1. Run 1,100 miles. 
I know, I just said 1,000 was hard. But now I really know what it entails and how to hold myself to it. Between training plans and cycles this year, I've got big plans that should be nothing but supported by these miles anyway. Watch me do work! 100 mile months almost seems the norm now, so in theory this is not that hard to attain.

2. Marathon PR
I have a number in my head. A time on the clock that I would love to see happen by the end of the year, but I'm not ready to put it out there just yet. Last year in one marathon I ran a 6-minute PR in 100-degree heat and I've already got 3 fulls on the calendar for 2016. So long as I can maintain some effort, I think my goal is realistic. 4:52 will be demolished this year - demolished!

3. Complete a triathlon.
Alright, there. It's out there. I'm not specifying a distance, as I really just want to give myself an opportunity to try something different! Honestly, I think that I could roll out of bed tomorrow and complete a sprint tri - it might not be pretty, but I have the endurance to. However, I would like to actually train and feel that I successfully completed some (undetermined distance) tri!

4. Finish off my credit card debt.
Also attainable. Knocking off about 70% of it in 2015 was huge, and though my savings took a little hit, I want to knock it all out of the park so I can continue to build up my savings again. To be honest, I have about $3,000 left to finish off and I know it's more than do-able (and should take well less than a year). I know I have some big financial goals coming up in my personal world, so my hope is that should I achieve a 0% credit card debt status, I can handle other financial responsibilities that come up. Let's see what I can do.

5. Journal
Don't get me wrong, I love my blog and I love sharing my little corner of the world with you all! BUT there is nothing like grabbing a pen and paper (or my notebook) to actually get the rest of my head out on paper. My goal is to journal at least once per week and, to make a habit of it, commit one evening each week to writing.

6. Strength Train
When I was training for my first full way back when, I was actually really good about cross and strength training. For whatever reason, I cannot for the life of me get back into a mindset of doing it. It sucks. However, with those three fulls on the calendar, I know giving my body a break from pounding pavement is going to be crucial  to not only making myself stronger, but giving myself some true recovery time. My local Fleet Feet does yoga on Wednesdays and I've already scheduled Sundays for cross training and strength days. Every little bit counts, right?

7. Volunteer More
I always say I'm going to volunteer at more races, and I would like to actually put that into use this year. Volunteering at the Disneyland Half weekend this past year was awesome, but I want to be out road-side, passing out water or medals and giving folks all that they need on race day! My goal is to volunteer at at least six races by next December!

8. Speak Up
I back down from confrontation. I hate it more than anything. I'm not a good advocate for myself. In relationships, at work, and in life, I want to work on speaking up on my own behalf, whether I'm upset or frustrated, but also wanting folks to know when I'm happy and grateful and glad they're on my side. There's work to do here, for sure, but that goes into some other work on self-esteem! For now... we leave it as 'speak up.' Be your best advocate. It goes a long way!

There it is. 2016 has a lot of good things coming already, including an awesome race schedule that I am way excited about, but other life and fun adventures to come. I can't wait.

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. Wow, awesome job killing that credit card debt!!! 2016 will be a fantastic year :)

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

  2. Debt - totally doable and then keep it off even with all those big financial personal goals!

    Triathlon?! I'm excited for you - that was a TOUGH challenge for me - I was amazed at how jello my legs felt after the bike ride! It's fun trying new things :)

    Volunteer more is on mine too - I think it's in our nature :)

    I hope I witness your marathon PR in a couple months ;)

  3. Those are some big, awesome goals! Go get it!