Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Run Megan Run: Spring Schedule

Well, with all this sudden talk of #marathontraining on my Insta, you're probably wondering what I'm up to. If you follow me on Twitter, none of this should be a surprise, but! There's lots of really awesome goodness coming my way this spring and I am way freaking excited.

January 9
I ran this race in both 2014 and 2015 and want to keep my legacy status! It's a favorite local race with an amazing production. Run through orange groves? Yes please. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can continue bettering my time on this hilly, challenging course. 

February 6
Part of the Chino Triple Crown 5K series (race number two of three) and one with a worthy cause. This will be year three headed back here (2014 / 2015)!

February 7

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This is the major goal race of the spring - yes, I'm overlapping marathon training (a phase not about speed for me, but endurance) with my goal half marathon time (where I am more about speed). My current PR is 1:50 and I am aiming to break that with a stellar day at Surf City. I know this course well and am ready to smash it. Jacky, my personal pacer for the day, thinks she'll pull me in for a 1:45. We'll see about that.

February 13

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First race of 2016 to be pacing with Beast (2:15) and I already can't wait. I love women's races and am excited to be a part of this pacing team! 

And the early spring doozy...

February 27

Spoiler: I have another full on May 1, but I am really trying to train hard and make my workouts count for Phoenix. Phoenix will either be a stellar, super race or it will be a great temperature check for how I'm doing for OC training and what I need to work in the two months following. Either way, I am excited and ready to rock and roll! 

During marathon recovery, I'll be pacing two more races:

March 12
Another easy run with Beast pacing team 2:15! Super fun, all-green races with beer gardens afterwards never hurt, either. 

March 20

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I haven't done a Hot Chocolate race since their inaugural year in Atlanta, so I am super excited to do another one finally - and in the last two years, they've added race medals in for all their 15K finishers on top of all the chocolate swag! Win. 

Excited for all the fun through March. Excited that it's a bit of racing, a bit of pacing, all while mixing it up and being better about my cross training, strength work and getting in some solid runs during marathon training. Boom.

Will I see you at any of these races? What's on your schedule for spring 2016?

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