Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Faves #10: 2016 Kickstart

Can you believe we're a full week into 2016? Crazy talk. I'm super excited that I've got tons of really awesome things coming up that get me PUMPED for this year. Big things happening, people! Some of them benefit you, too, so get excited! 

1. First race of the year tomorrow! 

January 9
I ran this race in both 2014 and 2015 and want to keep my legacy status! It's a favorite local race with an amazing production. As of yesterday, I'm also now pacing the 2:00 group, so that's awesome because that'll be a course PR for me! They're supposed to announce today if they're keeping the planned/certified course or if they're going to alter it because of all the rain we've gotten this week (because so much of it runs through trails/orange groves, you could be a muddy hot mess by the end). I like mud, and I like oranges, so I sure hope they're able to keep it as planned! Fingers crossed. 

2. Bib Rave
I am way super excited to announce that I'm an ambassador for Bib Rave for this year! I put this out on Twitter after Thanksgiving, but now that I've got my swag, it's official. What is a Bib Rave ambassador and better yet, what's Bib Rave? Bib rave is a site for you to share all your race reviews and experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

- We help support and promote and help spread the word about this running resource to the wider running community.
- Test, experiment, and review various running and fitness related products and describe my experience to my social media and blog networks. 
- Run races as a BibRave Pro, reporting back on all aspects of the race - before, during, and after the event. 
- Participate in #BibChat - a super fast-paced weekly Twitter chat about all things running and racing. 
- Support my BibRave Pro teammates in any way I can, especially through our BRP community Facebook page, on their blogs and social media channels, and in real life! 

3. Pro Compression 
And if that weren't enough, I'm also super stoked to say that I've been chosen to be part of the amaaaaaazing Pro Compression ambassador team for 2016! I don't represent brands that I don't know about or don't care for, but I've been running in PC socks for nearly three years and can't say enough about them. Not only are they a brand that I love, but a brand that works. 

And - yes, this is where you win - I've got some cash-saving things for you too! Use code PRO16 to save 40% off your Pro Compression order. This code's only good through February 28, so you better act QUICK and get your socks soon! While you're at it, sign up for the email list and get a chance to earn $100 towards more socks! And that way you don't miss out on the Sock of the Month announcement! 

A super fun way to get my 2016 started and I'm looking forward to more fun! Despite being back at work and back to the grind, this has been a pretty sweet way to start my year!

How was your first full week of the new year?

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