Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #1

In an effort to hold myself accountable to my training plans - especially as I dive into more fulls this year - I'm starting a weekly workout recap roundup, so if you're just trying to hold yourself to your plans and goals too, please join along! I'll be here every Sunday!

While I've been "in training" for awhile, my focus on the Phoenix Marathon began this week. I'll be increasing my mileage and am really trying to live up to one of my goals for the year - cross training, strength training and even being better about stretching and foam rolling. Week 1in the books, let's see how I did!

Sunday | Cross Train 
After Saturday's 12-miler at an 8:26 pace, I decided to go for the rest day on Sunday. We spent the day packing up Christmas (sad face) and getting ready to head back to work on Monday (double sad face). A much needed super easy Sunday.

Monday | Rest
Since I skipped my cross-training sesh on Sunday, I headed to the gym Monday after work with Doug. He ran a bit and I focused on getting a good sweat on the stationary bike and learning some weight machines. I've pestered him for forever on teaching me so I won't be so intimdated by weights (machines or free weights, for that matter), so it was nice to finally learn some.
Cycle: 40 minutes, 9 miles
Weights: 10 minutes

Tuesday | 70 minutes aerobic
I'm really proud that I actuall hauled my butt out of bed to do this at 5:15 on  Tuesday morning. We had happy hour plans with friends who were heading back to Texas that night, so I got up and got to work. Boom! Just over 7 miles at a 9:45 average page - it's crazy to me that that pace used to be such a comfortable race pace and now is more an aerobic pace. Progress, kids!

Wednesday | Cross Train/Rest
My local Fleet Feet does free yoga for runners on Wednesday nights, just a $5 donation recommended. I've been saying forever that I'd like to go, but have always come up with a reason not to. I've always hated the yoga classes I've been to in the past, so I was a little nervous about this one... but I loved it! Casual, easy going and really just felt like the best stretch ever. Success. I think I'll be there every week!

Thursday | 40 minute race pace
Couldn't get my butt up this time, so went and got it in after work before we headed out for dinner. I hit a 9:17 warm up mile (!) and 3 miles at an 8:34 pace and while I was trying to cool down, I hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill for the second time that night so I gave up from there. 37 minutes done, 4.25 miles in the bag!

Friday | Rest
Happily! Hooray for Fridays and hooray for Fridays being rest days. I had a long day at work to get ready for the start of the new quarter on Monday, so I was grateful I didn't need to squeeze my workout in before heading to the office earlier than normal. Man, I love rest days.

Saturday | 16 aerobic
So this really turned into 16 race pace, as I really kinda wanted to see what I was made of. I paced the Citrus Heritage Half 2:00 group. I wanted to hit a 2:00 race on this course anyway to demolish my course PR from last year, and at the last minute got pulled on as a pacer on Thursday, so had to hold myself to that 2:00 goal! Success. Right in at 2:00. Race recap tomorrow!

Then I came home, changed shoes and clothes and added a few layers and took Molly out for three more. She wasn't feeling in and my stomach wasn't either, so it turned into more of a walk-run than a run-walk like we normally do, but 3.5 more miles done and 16.7 on the day.

I'm pleased with this week's effort and more pleased with (most of) the long run yesterday. I'm stoked that I'm regularly holding down a sub-2 half and am looking forward to see how I can put that into play in a full in just seven weeks! Eep!

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. Great job on that race! I'm loving those pants you wore on Thursday!

    1. I'm loving them too! Hooray TJ Maxx and wild pants! :)

  2. Awesome job at your race! I'd love to be a pacer, but I need to be more consistent in my times in order to do it. Good luck on your full training!

    1. Honestly, pacing has MADE me more consistent! I hate clock-watching, but I've gotten better about just checking in (so like in a half, I'll check my watch at 5K, 10K, 10 mi) and can tell a lot just by feel now, which I love. It's helped me in personal racing too! Pacing's a blast. :)

  3. It looks like you had a great week of running and are on track for some big goals. Hooray for pacing the race- I did that once for a half and it meant so much to the other runners there, to help them meet their goals (plus I got my own long run in). The medal is fun as well.

    I hope you have a great week this week, too.

    1. It's SO much fun and certainly rewarding getting to pace others! I love being able to celebrate with folks who are finishing their first half, or just trying to PR. Goosebumps, every time!

  4. I couldn't agree more that weekly recaps are a huge way of keeping me accountable each week! Looking forward to linking up with you each week. ;)

    1. Yay! Likewise! Link up button and all the fun coming soon! :)

  5. Great week of training! I think it's great that you were able to hit the exact pace for your half. Thank you for starting the link up! I will make sure to add it/share the link in my recap next week :)

    1. Looking forward to having you around each week and checking in on your half training! We got this!