Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #14

April 3 - 9

Well, we all know it was marathon week (because who didn't know, right?) and despite feeling super great on Sunday and Monday post-race, I didn't want to schedule anything during this week so I could enjoy a true recovery. Aside from yoga, nothing was scheduled and I did as I pleased. Isn't that what recovery is all about? Thus why all the days were scheduled for "rest" and then I sort of did as I felt able throughout the week leading up to Saturday's 5K.

My Phoenix Marathon race recap is here if you'd like to check it out! It's a strange feeling to be happy with not meeting A or B goals, but trust me, it does a world of wonder for your psyche and mental state heading into another (better) cycle of marathon training!

Sunday | 5 miles 
After getting home super late from Ragnar (like 11 pm) on Saturday night, and after those 22 miles from Ragnar, I decided Sunday was a totally worthy rest day. I woke up and headed back down to where our vans were to get them cleaned and returned, came home, did Ragnar laundry (the worst, right?) and later in the afternoon we headed down to Doug's parents' house for Easter, Part 2. A totally lazy, totally awesome Sunday.

Monday | 5 miles + strength
5 miles after work. My legs were tired, but not terribly so, but I recall nothing special about this run whatsoever! I ran up to the dog park while waiting for Doug to make his way home; he picked up Molly and brought her up to the park. As it was getting just dark enough, I finished my last two miles running around the "track" at the conjoining park. Pretty easy, pretty wonderful.

5.01 miles, 48:13, 9:37 pace

Tuesday | 10 miles
I allowed myself a little sleeping in on Tuesday but then got really disappointed when I realized it was a #tenmiletuesday kinda day - otherwise, I would have gotten up and done some miles before work because ten miles on a Tuesday evening is hard. So by the time I got home (never mind that it was like 90 degrees at 6 pm), the last thing I wanted to do was get this run in. But weekly mileage makes marathon mileage all the better, right? Right. I mapped out a route and got to work - I knew it was hot, I knew it'd be slower than normal, but time on your feet still counts.

At the end, it was quite wonderful as it felt like I was out at Ragnar again, chasing the sunset near some secluded vineyards. Pretty fantastic. I planned my course to end at Doug's high school so I met him after football practice and got a ride home. Total win! I was disappointed in not hitting all ten, and at the same time... totally okay.

9.11 miles, 1:31:11, 10:00 pace

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
After Tuesday's run, I was totally drained. I felt the heat and felt just totally blah, and even ended up leaving work an hour early to get home and pass out. I almost didn't get to yoga, but I knew I'd need the stretch after Ragnar. You only regret the workouts you never do, right? Right.

Yoga, 60 minutes 

Photo credit: Veronica, our instructor! 
Thursday | 8 x 800
I made it from work actually really amped up about getting this run in - I wanted to get outside but I'm still working on finding a track to get some speedwork in on and since it was on and off raining, I figured that a treadmill would at least get me consistent paces and I could build that way. I love speedwork and miss it so much from when I did every week in Georgia - but this is as best as it got! 1 mile warm up at 9:30, 8 x 800 at 4:14, 4:19, 4:11, 4:09, 4:01, 4:01, 3:59, 3:52 and 1 cool down mile at 9:49. Heck freaking yes.

6 miles, 53:42, 8:57 pace 

Friday | Rest
Happy end of the week! I was going to get in some easy miles to make up for not running on Wednesday... but opted for a later alarm clock and a casual dinner with my parents after work and some family friends in from Canada. Happy Friday!

Saturday | 15 miles 
I ended up moving my log run to Sunday this week, because Doug and I ended up signing up for the Angels 5K again earlier in the week. Despite some gray and drizzly weather, there was still a huge turnout and we had a blast - easy 5K, done. Productive Saturday around the house... bring it on, 15 miles. I'm probably out running as you read this, so send some positive vibes!

Angels 5K, 3.11 miles, 34:29, 11:05 pace

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