Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Friday Favorites #16

1. #StripatNight
Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas registration opened on Monday!

Both the half and full marathons are on an early bird rate of $125, so you better jump now if you're going to! Register today and let me know if you're going to be running the #StripatNight in 2016. I'm registered thanks to the Rock 'n Blog crew, but will need to make decisions on travel (and/or doing the 5K on Saturday?!) over the summer and figure out a plan. Wanna be roomies?

2. New Sparkly Things 
I told you a few weeks ago that Sparkly Soul had just released the bridal collection of their headbands (seriously, they're so good, what timing!) and even better, they sent me a special engagement present! Thanks, Dari! I love being an ambassador for Sparkly Soul and the company Dari and Pamela have started! Now to see if I can get the other two passed off... ;)

I'm cranking out these Ragnar recaps as quick as I can and hope to have the full recap done next week! For now, revel in this year's new bling: 

I love the Ragnar cutout logo, LOVE the new shirts. When's the next one, y'all? Kidding - Ragnars are a once-a-year adventure, but seriously can't wait to add a 2017 sticker to my collection!

4. Lexus Lace Up Series
I am way super excited to be able to announce that I've been asked to return to the 2016 Lexus Lace Up series ambassador team. I absolutely love this four-part series, all throughout Southern California and cannot wait to begin spreading the Lace Up love! A great race crew, and though they're small productions, they go BIG with amenities and offerings to runners! Their races are in Irvine, Ventura, Palos Verdes and Riverside again this year; check the website for details and dates and let me know where I'll see you this fall! You can check out my recaps from Irvine and Palos Verdes from 2015 and see why this race series is one of my growing faves around the area.

What are you loving this Friday?

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