Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #16

April 17 - 23

Week 1 of taper in the books. Not gonna lie, this week was hard. Considering it's taper time and all supposed to be easy, I feel like I'm definitely at the point where it's just like "Dear race day: get here already." So some of my runs I fought through this week, and some just didn't happen. And I'm at peace with that.

Sunday | 5 miles pace
Dude. I had just run 21 miles on Saturday morning. Proof:

Because obviously if I held up any other  number, it wouldn't be true. 21 freaking miles. But I digress... so we also went out Saturday night for Doug's friend's birthday (happy birthday Justin!), and in turn woke up real hungover on Sunday. Life... it was nice to enjoy it! But that definitely added up to no mileage on Sunday. Also enjoyable.

Monday | 4 miles + strength
You'd think with all the Boston hoopla I got into on Monday morning, that I'd take that high and run with the whole way on Monday evening. I was scheduled for 4 miles and my legs were apparently feeling both the 21 from Saturday and the Sunday hangover, so 4 were hard. I settled for 3 when my knee also flared up and just decided to call it a day. Better than zero?

3.00 miles, 28:40, BLAH

Tuesday | 6 miles
...because then I settled for zero on Tuesday! I got home from work on Tuesday just wiped. And I was hosting a baby shower at work on Wednesday (spoiler: it was adorable), so I opted to get my last projects and crafting done for the shower. I very much enjoyed an evening on the couch (or at the kitchen table)... hooray taper?!

Wednesday | 4 miles + yoga
Jacky was finally making a comeback to yoga, so we opted for some miles before a good stretch. I left work a bit later than intended, so it worked out when I thought I had to do 5, but turns it was just 4... because that's all we ended up with time for. Four easy miles out on the trail, just in time to get back for a fantastic stretch sesh with Veronica! Seriously loving my Wednesday nights. These views sure don't hurt either.

4 miles, 37:56, 9:28 pace 
60 minutes yoga

Thursday | 30 minutes tempo
After work, sometimes the last thing I wanna do is get out and run. But you know, duty calls - I sat and enjoyed my armchair for awhile but decided the longer I sat, the harder it would be to get a run in. I finally headed out, convincing myself that 30 minutes is "like nothing," and that I just need to get get in a good run and make it count! The first mile was okay, the second mile sucked, and the third mile (and the extra) just flew, so I guess that's a win overall! Mile splits 8:40, 9:02, 8:13 and change - got home pretty winded, so I guess that's a success!

3.6 miles, 30:49: 8:33 pace

Friday | Rest

Saturday | 4 miles
Running up in the mountains just does something for your soul - especially when you're normally a city-streets kinda runner. I went out for a few miles before our retreat day started around Angelus Oaks - a small little town just south of Big Bear. Just gorgeous - I love being up in the pine trees and taking in some new scenery (and elevation - whew!).


3 miles solo this morning plus a 4.5 mile round trip hike with my students to this gorgeous little gem of a lake. Perfection. 

7.5 miles, 2 hours total

And here we go...


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  1. Sounds like a nice week, loving those views.

    1. I got pretty spoiled with my views this week - no complaints!

  2. I've never really cared much for the tapering... I know t's important, but it causes me a great deal of stress! Sounds like you are ready for your 26.2!! Will look forward to your recap! :)

    1. I don't love taper either... but I definitely needed it mentally just to unwind a little before race day! I've never really done a true taper, either, so we'll see how it treats me!

  3. So exciting! I have no doubt you will be awesome!

    1. Thanks Smitha! :) Excited and ready to go!