Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites #19

This has seriously been the longest, stupidest week ever. Thus the reason that all the posts I intended for this week are all sitting in Draft mode and are halfway partially hardly started. The struggles of being a blogger, trying to work full time, and pretend to have a life that's put together! Let's be real.

1. Rock 'n Roll San Diego Weekend
Though I'm missing on all the fun because I can't run Fontana due to work next Saturday, I am still way super stoked for San Diego and one of my favorite races. They've announced a new course for this year, so that's exciting and I am way stoked to see Gavin DeGraw at the finish!

Better yet... this part!

I'm not counting on my race being spectacular, but I am already looking forward to celerbating post-race with all the cool kids that will be rockin' & rollin' through San Diego on June 5. Stoked.

2. Sparkly Soul Grab Bag Sale!
Because it's the best Sparkly Soul sale there ever was. You can create your own Sparkly Soul headband grab bag! There are new summer styles coming and they need to make room, so they're offering their best deal ever. 
Headbands are priced at $8.50 per wide headband and $7.50 per thin headband. Choose as many as you would like, with no limit! Only while certain supplies last, so get on this soon! Promotion ends and regular prices will return on May 31st at 11:59pm PST. Free US Shipping over $50.00 too! You can find the grab bag styles here - get your shopping on! 

Don't you love all the sales?! I do.  Pro Compression is rockin' a Memorial Day sale too through Monday. You can save 40% with code MEMORIAL. Get you some socks and #keepittight.

AND, while you're at it, make sure you're on the email list because June's Sock of the Month is coming next Wednesday and you do not want to miss it being announced! I've gotten a preview of this beauty and trust me... you want it.

4.  Social Media Honesty 
Social media is hard. It's hard to pretend that right now, I have my life together and that it's all good - I haven't posted anything on Instagram since Monday, and that was just a handful of M&Ms, so I kind of feel like a failure. As an apparent runner, it's hard to admit I'm not exactly doing any running. So what else am I supposed to post, right?!

I found this video the other night on Facebook and was dying giggling, not just at the scenarios they come up with (let's face it, they're all true), but collectively, it means how ridiculous we are in trying to perfect our social media posts + persona. SketchShe is awesome at calling us out on our ridiculousness and I love them.

So, if I were being honest on social media, here's what I would tell you:
- I haven't run in a week and a half. And that last 'run' was really a walk up, run down with the dog.
- I'm starting a #RWRunStreak challenge with a dozen other women who I hope will challenge me to get my ass off the couch... but I am also secretly terrified.
- Exhausted isn't even the word I feel lately. Last night, I came home, fell asleep for an hour and woke up at 7:45 when Doug got home and in bed again at 9:30. And slept like a rock until 6:30 when my alarm went off. I'm over it and want to feel alive again.

There's my honest for the day. What's yours?



  1. I am terrified for the streak too. :|

  2. Eeeeek.... honesty!

    - I haven't run since Wednesday.
    - My diet this weekend consisted of pizza, a 3-dozen tube of cookie dough, and a bag of gummy worms...
    - The streak is either going to be an epic fail or epic win; either way with a giant side of laundry.

    We got this! I'm thinking of my slacking the past week as a sort of taper for the streak? Maybe I'm optimistic, but it's making me feel a tiny bit better. :)