Monday, May 30, 2016

#RWRunStreak 2016: #StreakingintheUSA

Yes, I deliberately skipped posting a Workout Recap for week #21 - because last week's only workout was literally 60 minutes of yoga on Wednesday. That's not much of a recap, is it? However, I'm super excited becaaaaaause...

It's that time again - time for the annual Runner's World summer #RWRunStreak challenge! The gist? Run a mile a day, every day from Memorial Day to July Fourth. This year, that's 36 straight days of at least a mile each.

While this is my fourth year taking on the challenge, it's my first year in this magnitude! Erica and Tina and I have regularly done a challenge - deeming some kind of prize for the winner, based on mileage - but all of a sudden this year, we've got 14 ladies participating. What the what?! Seems like we're all on the struggle bus and trying to get up and going again too!

The best, or coolest part, is that our challenge is literally across the country: California, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, South Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Colorado are represented in this year's challenge! Stoked!

So how does our challenge work, you ask? It's not just about completing the streak (which, let's be real, can get HARD) but the winners are determined by total mileage (assuming the streak is complete). Everyone will buy in for $10 and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be divvied up the cash prizes accordingly. It's seriously going to be awesome. And now you can guarantee that my weekly recaps are going to be a little more entertaining - double win! :)

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about making sure I stay on top of it. This super lackluster last month has been nice, but as I've said a few times, a little guilt-ridden in not doing anything. But I'm glad and ready to be up and going. This morning's miles were with Molly and a little harder than they should have been, but hopefully a little muscle memory comes into play and I'll be back up and going in no time! Here's hoping!

Are you participating in the Streak this suumer?

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