Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #19

May 8 - 14 

While I know I deserve a break, I also feel like I'm slacking. I had a monster race, and I feel like my head is saying "Dude, chill out," but the the rest of me is like "Gooooo!" It's a tough battle, and currently the "chill out" vibe is winning. Last week I did a ton of nothing. Partially glorious, partially guilt-ridden. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Sunday | Rest
After a long day volunteering at RunDisney's Tinkerbell expo on Saturday, Doug and I crashed hard on Saturday night and woke up decently early on Sunday, just to start being productive and doing laundry and all those super not so fun adulting things. I intended to go for a run but opted for breakfast, life productivity and then heading down to my parents' house for Mother's Day celebrations with them and my grandmother and uncle. Low key, chill day. Just the way I like it.

Monday | 2.57 miles 
First run post-OC. A solid 8 days off was wonderful. I was staying late on campus to get some work done and work with the newest sorority on campus that I'm advising, so I took an office break for a few laps on the track inebtween getting stuff done for the upcoming weekendI inteded to take it easy, but then finished up and realized I booked pretty good. My legs felt great.

2.57 miles, 23:47, 9:15 pace  

Tuesday | Rest 
Lazy. But exciting things happened on Tuesday. More on that to come!

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
Finally got to hit the trails! My favorite trail in the area adjusts hours based on season/daylight, so since later hours are finally back in season again, bolted there after work for some dirt time with Jacky and Monica!

And then booked back in the opposite direction for some stretch time. Hurt so good. I even convinced Linzie to join me! Yippee!

5.0 miles, 57:20, 11:28 pace 
Yoga, 60 minutes 

Thursday | Rest 
More of nada. Slept through my alarm, intended to get up, and just didn't care.

Friday | Rest
This day, I actually set stuff out in the bathrooms so I'd have clothes ready to hit the treadmill at the gym in the morning. Wrong. Friday turned out to be one of the longest days ever, so I'm glad I took the extra 20 minutes with my pillow, but whew. When will my mojo come back?!

Saturday | Rest (but the longest day everrrrrr)
Saturday began the summer season (aka. the season where I don't do much running at all). Khaki shorts, polos and 16-hour days will begin to run my life, especially on Saturdays for the next few weeks. It's orientation season! Don't get me wrong, I love it and love my job but it makes it hard because I pretty much just fight exhaustion all week.

Saturday was the first day of our transfer student orientation program, which we run the next five Saturdays before kicking off summer with welcoming our freshmen to campus. At work at 6:15 am, left at 6:00 pm. Bolted home, changed, got pretty and headed over to my parents' for our engagement party! 

Our parents, neighbors, friends put together an amazing party for us, filled with nearly 60 family and friends. We've never felt more loved or lucky than we did that night. Every time I fork through my photo album on my phone, I'm just all giddy and excited. It's pretty amazing that so many people came to celebrate us and I'm just totally overwhelmed. Now I just can't wait for our wedding!

Doug, Kasey and I got home about 12:45 am, so needless to say I was wiped! While Kasey and I had every intention of getting up for a walk that morning... ha! Sleep totally took over. But more on that next week.

I think my struggle right now is that - because this year started with two fulls, really, I "only" have two halfs coming up in the next six weeks (San Diego on June 5 and Seattle on June 18). While half marathons are far from anything to scoff at, I know I can do a half in my sleep, even if slightly undertrained or out of shape or whatever. So I know I don't necessarily need to put in a ton of work over the next few weeks to feel up to par in June. Sure, it'd help, but not mandatory at this point!

Getting going without having a training schedule is tough. How do you beat it and get up to just GO?

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  1. Yoga is something I wanna try.

  2. Megan, I read your blog back when you lived in GA (before I started blogging!). I live in Dixie and had found you through some race recaps. You had run some races I was planning on at the time. Wow -- you've had some amazing PRs since then!! Congratulations on your engagement! I'm honored you have linked with us on the Weekly Wrap. We'd appreciate if you'd use our badge and link back to us so your circle of friends can join in too. The more the merrier! I hope to see you again next week.

    1. Oh my gosh, no way! And I thought no one read this little thing! ;) Hahaha. Thank you so much for continuining to support my dear little blog! And yes, I will totally add the badge this week - I meant to last week and apparently never got back around to it! Looking forward to connecting more. xoxo

  3. Congrats on your engagement! That is such an exciting time! I feel the same way about training for a half. I trained for my first, but since then I've just signed up and ran them. I could probably improve my time if I did race specific training, but I mostly just like to do them for fun and the cool t-shirts and medals of course.

    1. Thank you! :)

      And yes, I'm very much that way for halfs. I've run enough that I can do that, but in the beginning I was definitely 'Need to train, need to get smart and run faster.' Haha!