Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So... What's Next?

I've had this as my Facebook cover photo since January, knowing full well that I have some huge goals in mind for 2016. 

Namely, this one:

2. Marathon PR
I have a number in my head. A time on the clock that I would love to see happen by the end of the year, but I'm not ready to put it out there just yet. Last year in one marathon I ran a 6-minute PR in 100-degree heat and I've already got 3 fulls on the calendar for 2016. So long as I can maintain some effort, I think my goal is realistic. 4:52 will be demolished this year - demolished!

And yes, as it stands, 4:52 has been demolished! And I say that very loud and very proudly because a 33-minute PR is pretty massive. But - and get this - that number in my head is just out of reach. Running Phoenix and then killing my training for OC and killing the race at OC is just further proof and confirmation that this goal is more than attainable and with just a little more work (and mental fight at mile 21), it too will be demolished this year. 

I'm excited to get there. But for now... what's next? What's next on the to-do list, the massive list of goals for the year, and all that I'm ready to achieve? Well, aside from wedding planning, there's a lot! But that's a whole 'nother discussion for another day. 

In terms of running, here's what's next:

  • June 5: Rock 'n Roll San Diego
  • June 18: Rock 'n Roll Seattle (State #10!)
  • July 17: Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay

And that's it. And those are going to be fun, chill, be silly, have a good time kinda races. I was tough on myself and my body these first five months of the year and while I've racked up the mileage to show it (459 miles down, 641 to go until another milestone for the year achieved!) and now it's time to just run and have a little fun. 

What does that look like? 

  • Keeping up with a regular habit of foam rolling, stretching, and Wednesday yoga. 
  • Intentionally get in some strength training.
  • Maintain 100-mile months but don't stress when I miss.
  • Get back on the trails! I miss them! 
I'm going to run for fun for a few months, until Long Beach Marathon training kicks off in July or August. Summer is toughest for me, not only because of our Southern California heat, but also with my work schedule being a hot mess and all over the freaking place in terms of hours and regularity. Hooray orientation season! I'll be stoked if I can rack up any kind of mileage in July especially (I did a whopping 30 last July), so there's something to shoot for too! 

So that's it - run for fun, enjoy not full-on training for anything and have a great summer doing it all. Excited to knock Washington off my list and daydream about the next state to conquer too! 

How do you re-set after a huge goal or PR is achieved?


  1. It sounds like you have a great plan! Boy do I wish I could catch up to you when it comes to monthly mileage! Congrats on smashing your PR - that is huge! I really wanted to do R&R Seattle but don't think it's gonna happen, sadly. Enjoy this fun time!

  2. Congrats on beating your PR, that's awesome! Good luck on doing everything your planning.