Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap Roundup #25

June 19 - 25

I swear that as I get deeper into summer, it's harder and harder to get these posts done on Sundays! I promise I'm working on it, but for now, you get this today which just means I'm going to keep being lazy on my actual race recap from Seattle. But you can check my Emerald City fun here if you want in the meanwhile!

I got in from Seattle and home about 8:30 on Saturday night, so not too bad, but I slept in all I could on Sunday and took my time. Laundry, catching up on life and things with the fiance (I still love saying that so much) <3 that eventually, I headed out for a easy little recovery 5K on Sunday afternoon. It was still quite warm but manageable, and it actually felt just dang good to stretch out my legs.

3.11 miles 

Monday morning was a different story though. I had broken out in hives or a terrible rash or reaction to something, so instead of a morning run, I bolted straight to Urgent Care to get looked at. I've never had an allergic reaction to anything so it was a) uncomfortable, b) annoying and c) kinda trippy. Not a fan - and I hope that never happens again! A lot of folks suggested it might be heat rash, but ugh! No bueno. By the time I was headed home from work, the fires in Azusa were full-on and there was ash and smoke everywhere, so I hopped on the treadmill for a few quick miles to get it in for the day.

2.25 miles

I was feeling extra motivated  on Tuesday and did a double day - which I had hoped to do a few times this week to pick up some extra miles to try and catch up to the girls who are kicking our run streak butt! 4.26 miles in the morning and 3 more to wrap up the day - what a high! This is the feeling I'd been missing. Yes.

7.26  miles

I think I ran so hard and slept so hard on Tuesday night, I popped up Wednesday morning for more miles and was ready to go. I went up to the PET, our trail, which I've not been on in what felt like forever for a morning run.

I stayed later than I'd planned at work, just trying to catch up on things and simultaneously get ahead, and found myself scrambling to leave and uncertain if I'd actually make it to work on time. Thankfully, I bolted home, changed and got to have a much-needed deep breathing session with the fabulous Veronica. Aaaah. 

4.25 miles + 60 minutes yoga 

Three treadmill miles. This was the point in the week where I was finally feeling that it got hard - treadmill miles at the end of the day were just tough. But I was itching to get more than just one mile in, so ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

3 miles 

Doug left for Vegas on Friday morning and I spent the entire day running errands, trying on dresses (!), and trying to get ish done. Molly and I headed out for an easy run-walk to end the evening. Easy is even an understatement, as that seemed tough at some point, too, but miles in the bank and easy ones to save my legs a little for Saturday morning!

3.30 miles 

I finally got to head out to the run club - I haven't been in close to two months - and run with two of my favorite girls, Arlene and Monica. It was an amazing 90 minutes of catch up time on Arlene's new job, moving adventures, boy drama, wedding planning and all kinds of fun.

And naturally, when it's a billion degrees, 10 miles gets followed by all the watermelon you can eat. Mmmm .

10 miles 

Total for the week: 33.17. Booyah.

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