Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap Roundup #26

June 26 - July 2

Happy Fourth of July, all! I hope your holiday weekend has been amazing and filled with food, friends, fireworks and lots of good times! This week wraps up the last FULL week of the 2016 #RWRunStreak - amazing!

Started off the week with a too-late run in the morning. I had to work this day, but got to sleep in still and unfortunately, that just meant the heat took advantage too. These were slower than I'd have liked but the first 2 miles are straight uphill and then got to blitz right back down, so I think I made up for some of it. A decently long run to start the week - boom!

5.60 miles 

Woke up Monday morning ready to roll! Doug was back from Vegas after a weekend away, so I was feeling a little more in my zone and ready to get this week started. A Monday morning 5K is never a bad way to start the week either. :)

3.17 miles

Somehow I jumped back on this run-in-the-morning streak, which is nice, given that my days are also getting crazier. Tuesday and Thursday nights for the next several weeks, I'm on campus until 9 pm doing workshops as part of our orientation program for our early starter students. This means for a) longer days and b) runs are mandatory in the morning, otherwise they will definitely not be happening! Sooo... morning mileage it is. Not gonna lie though, running with the sunrise is pretty fantastic.

4.4  miles

Yoga was cancelled today, which was sad, but it left me a little flexibility with how fast I had to get home from work and how long I could run. Jacky was hurting a little bit from a calf workout, so we went for some easy miles and repeated most of the route I had done on Sunday - 2 miles up, 2 miles down and some extra. I need to stop wimping out on this incline and get some solid runs in - time to get back into marathon shape! 

6.54 miles 

Thursday was going to be the longest day ever - at work by 6:30 am, hosting our last transfer student orientation of the summer, taking an hour break for dinner and catching up on the rest of work, and then one of our late-night workshops. Whew! Can you say a bit much? Me too. To boot, my boss was out on jury duty from Tuesday on, so it got even a little crazier because it was just me running the show. Done and done. Morning miles, therefore, were the only option, so ya gotta make it work!

6.8 miles 

FRIDAY! Off day! Yay summer! I also let myself sleep in a little bit, which also meant then that it was hot, and that was dumb, so I paid for it. My legs were also quite tired from Thursday, so I figured one quick lap around the block was enough - besides, I had a haircut + color appointment and a massage waiting for me, so I had better things to be doing. ;)

However, I finally got to debut my new Abundant Heart tank Jenna had made for me. Is it perfect, or is it perfect? Madly in love - keep an eye on her FitBride collection and it'll be posted there soon too if you need it for yourself. :)

1.36 miles 

I was supposed to meet up with Arlene for 12 miles but by the end of the day Friday, my lower back was killing me. Honestly, I think the massage was a little hard and did me in - can you say first world problems? Sorry. Anyway, so come Saturday morning when my first alarm went off, I couldn't even fathom getting out of bed - what's one more day to sleep in, right? So I let myself, and then naturally, when I saw everyone's Saturday morning exercise posts, I felt lazy. Blaaaah.

So later in the evening, I headed out for 5 miles on a loop that would take me up to the dog park to meet Doug and Molly and then if  I was still feeling okay, I'd run home and get a little more in. The 5.5 to the park were hot and kinda lousy, but the 4  home were freakin' fantastic and a sub-9 pace for all 4 splits. So I guess that's an evened-out win! Woo!

9.56 miles 

Total for the week: 37.43. Booyah.

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!

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