Friday, June 1, 2012

May Running Recap

It's June. Holy cow -- where has the time gone? I think it's becoming more and more true, that the older you get, the faster time flies. That makes me feel old. Womp.

Anyway, May was an off month. After my disastrous Zooma Half at the end of April, I think my confidence and motivation were seriously hurt. I mean, sure I've stumbled on runs, but completely eaten asphalt? Never. And further, wearing that brace for 3 days was enough to really feel a little bruised. But you know, you live, you learn. I've pretty much always been the clumsy one that was bound to get hurt if you put me in the right situation, so maybe it was bound to happen anyway? Moving on - it's time to move on!

May was this:
·    Total Mileage: 29 miles
·    # Runs: 12 (this is cut off from a run earlier in May, just shows last 4 weeks. Oops!)

·    Favorite Run: Warrior Dash, obviously. What a freaking dirty, muddy, wet and sandy good time! New friends, new challenge, beer & turkey legs. Can't ask for much more! 
Muddy, muddy warriors!
·             -  Races:
o    WarriorDash
o    MamaBear 5K

Other excitement and challenges included these:
A snapshot of a good streak.
              I started with Day 1 at 36 seconds, and my best is as of Day 15 at 1:21. Pretty good jump. Some days were hard to remember to actually do it, so sometimes I was doing 3 or 4 in a day, but that made for an even better challenge and helped prove what I thought I could do! I finished up May with a 1:18, not long after 2 runs, so I'm pretty happy. I'm definitely continuing this into June and looking to improve this even more: June goal is 1:45.
  •  Runner's World Summer Running Streak 2012: I think this is going to be a great challenge -- for one, it won't let me get lazy, given that I need to bust out at least a mile a day. Two, it'll get me in the works of running on tired legs which will be super handy for the next great adventure (post coming soon!). And three, it'll just get me up and going again, which, as we can all see from my lackluster May... I just need a good kick in the butt.
  • Taking the Plunge: Kasey and I took the plunge. After [mostly] convincing her to run the Budapest Marathon with me in October 2013, we decided it'd be slightly necessary to see if we could even run one first - and with that, in the span of less than 24 hours of beginning this conversation, we ended it. By registering for the 2013 Surf City Marathon, in our home turf of Southern California. 

It's flat. It's at the beach. Our families can be there to cheer us on. What more could we want?! So, there you have it! My birthday, October 1, starts my 18-week training plan for my first full marathon. Life bucket list item, in action!

On the agenda for June? A lot!
Happy June!

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