Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lessons in Twenty-Twelve

2012 is what I called the year I became a runner - mostly due to the fact that I actually started running and racing, but also because I was realizing how much I was getting out of running. Sure, the stress relief and accomplishment is awesome, but there's some actual, real life lessons here. Check out some of what I'd consider the important lessons and values I took out of racing and running in 2012.

First half marathon | Callaway Gardens Half Marathon | January 29, 2012
  You're often more capable than you think.
I felt ready for that first half, or at least as ready as one thinks they can be for that first half. Mid-way through, I questioned what I was doing. Mile 11, I wanted to walk to the finish. But I knew I had come too far to give it up at that point. I made my time goal (2:20) by 8 seconds and realized that all along... I was more capable than I ever thought. You are more capable than you think.

Arizona 5K | February 25, 2012

 Running with friends is essential.
Though not every time, every race, making sure you have racing counterparts to share in the glory, and the frustration, of running is essential to finding the fun. I had plenty of races by myself, plenty with friends at the end or at the beginning, all of which stand out for different reasons. This one, in particular, kicked off one of my dearest friend's bachelorette weekends. Perfection.
ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon | April 22, 2012
It's all mental.
This also goes with the "You're more capable than you think."   ZOOMA Atlanta 2012 proved to be the ultimate mental game -- eating asphalt at mile 4 on a pretty rough up-and-down course and running the rest of the race with a bloody hand and road-rashed knee that burned every time you bend is a pretty rough mental game. I still can't recall the number of people that were shocked to see that I'd finished the race with a torn up hand. A friend had gotten into my head that day, who had just taken a major spill on a bike ride, who didn't let that stop her either. Game on.

Team Four Score & Seven Miles Ago | Ragnar DC | September 21-22, 2012
Ragnar is the best time you'll ever have.
Okay, maybe not a lesson. But something you need to know. The end.

Warrior Dash Georgia | May 19, 2012
 Allow yourself to have fun.
Sure, take those half marathons seriously. Try and BQ. But throw some fun in there - there are now so many opportunities to run for the hell of it and be goofy while you're at it. Warrior Dash and the Color Run were two of the most fun things I did this year, and so glad I got to run and be active... just for the sake of it. If it's not fun anymore, your heart's not in it.

Major half-marathon PR | Allstate ATL 13.1 | October 7, 2012
 You can surprise yourself.
Just when you don't think you're ready to give it all, or that your head's not in the right place, or that you're too tired after a 3:30 am wake up call before that half, you can make good things happen. Just have a little faith!

Operation Jack Half Marathon | December 26, 2012
Having a support system can go a long way.
Prior to the OpJack Half, I'd usually have races by myself or with friends, but I'd usually be the one cheering those friends in on at the end. OpJack was the first time my family or boyfriend had been able to be there  to cheer me on and be there for me at the end. Whether it's your family, or a friend, or even your dog, having someone can make a huge difference (just thinking of what it could have done for me at ZOOMA is a great example). So looking forward to having them at various point and the end of the full in February! Secondary lesson from OpJack: know your pre-race ways. Know that not being in your pre-race pattern can affect the race. And that's okay, just be aware of it!

What did you learn in 2012? About racing, running? 


  1. What a year! I did my first half too! I've learned that training properly is key! I get to do warrior dash and Zooma Austin this year!

    1. Such a year! Looking back, it's unbelievable I did ALL that in just one year! Looking forward to another awesome year. :)

      Have a BLAST with Warrior Dash!

  2. These are great lessons and so very true. One day I'd love to do the Zooma Amelia Island race, and a relay is on my bucket list for this year! ~Jesica from

    1. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

      I'd love to do Amelia Island once too - intrigued by it since that's their Atlanta replacement. It looks so beautiful!

  3. What a very real post!
    I agree 1000000% with It's all mental, and we can REALLY surprise ourselves if we push hard. I struggle with giving up mentally WAY before my body is ready to give up!
    Great year!

    1. Thanks so much! It was a real post... I learned a lot last year! :)