Thursday, February 28, 2013

Track Tuesday 9

I'm pairing up with Denise at Run DMT to bring you a weekly thread where you can brag, show off, cry or celebrate your weekly  (or whenever it is) speed workout. Whether it's Monday, Tuesday, or never, you can link up (at the bottom) and tell us all about your session!

Official status!
My Track Tuesdays may become Speedwork Wednesdays (because Track Wednesdays just doesn't have a pretty ring to it).  You see, last weekend I become a member of the brand-new Athens Road Runners! In addition to group long runs on Saturdays and general camaraderie, we're also privileged to have speed workout sessions with a local running coach. Now, I know my speedwork is good - not great - but I also know that I'm capable of pushing a lot harder than I do, so you know I'm going to jump at the chance for a little free coaching time. Yes please! So, with that friends, you can now always expect Track Tuesdays to be on Wednesdays. :)

Early. So early.
This morning was our first opportunity to head out - Chandler was heading out with me (because nobody likes being the new kid by themselves). After an early, early wake up alarm, I was on campus and at Chandler's door by 5:15, and we were to the track with plenty of time - sessions are planned to start at 5:30 am (yowch!). After two warm up laps, we finally got brave enough to find out who Al was and hit the ground running - literally. He had us warm up for two more laps (full mile) and after the whole group was collected, it was go time.

Now mind you, some of these guys have been working with Al for three years, and there was another woman, Liz, who's been coming out for about a month. So I was thankful in that we were really all across the board in our history and abilities.

You know... it's dark at 5:30 am!
We set out for a series of 400s (he didn't tell us how many at first!) with 1-minute rests in-between. The first one I pushed... hard... and with 20+-mph winds, that wasn't easy. But check it out:

Splits: 1:39 / 1:37 / 1:43 / 1:52 / 1:52 / 1:54

I never.. ever... thought that was possible. But again, I said I knew I could push harder than I typically do when I do these on my own, so it was just a matter of being in the right setting. Having a rabbit helps, as I hate being the last one through - you might say I'm a little competitive. Okay, I'm a lot competitive. But after those splits, I know I can do this, and I've got room to grow too!

What do you do to get that extra push? Group runs, coaching clinics?

Make sure you link up! Happy Hump Day friends!


  1. I get that extra push when I run with my BFF! She is an amazing marathoner who I never thought I could keep up with until lately! I really limit myself on the treadmill and she shows me how fast I really am!
    Starting speed work this year, in 2013 with strength traIning! BRING IT ON!

  2. I love this - "we finally got brave enough to find out who Al was" :) hahaha I had such a great time with you last Wednesday and loved the extra push from the group and Al. Hate I missed Saturday's run AND that I can't do the 10k next weekend BUT can't wait for our next running adventure together!