Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Back in the Saddle & Pretty Muddy Registration

 Despite having a few races on the docket (with a few changes), last week I was super struggling with motivation and getting back in the saddle after a few weeks off. While I know I'm supposed to enjoy recovery, it really just makes me antsy and ready to get moving more.
Most excited for this one!

With three half marathons in the next nine weeks, I just want to get moving again - not that I'm going to go all hardcore or busting it out to get crazy fast in the next few weeks (in my dreams), I just want to keep up a super solid base (that I do know I have),  and keep up my fitness levels.

That being said, I also want to be sure I'm working towards my ultimate 2013 goal of a sub-2 half. The first half, Georgia Publix, is certainly not going to be that race, given Atlanta's hills and well... it's on St. Patrick's Day and I'm getting dressed up and it should be fun. The second race (is where the plans changed) is the Clemson Easter Bunny Half just two weeks later and, plans pending, I think that could be it. Seriously. The final race, of course, is NWM DC, where I intend on having fun and having a great race, but not sure I'd actually push it as we run through DC. But you know... plans change.

Part of that plan changing is going to be how I work my way out of recovery and into a training cycle. Again, I want to do this to ensure I've got a solid base, but especially these first two weeks, I'm not going to push it. I know my body needs a little more time, as much as it pains me. But that's okay, I have a plan.

And here lies the plan.Schedules are what keep me focused, and motivated, and energized. And while my motivation levels certainly aren't where they were at mid-marathon training, I know I'll get there (more to come on that on Friday). But for now, there's a plan:
Heeeere we go!
So as of this morning, I'm back on the saddle. Holding the reins lightly for now, but excited that I'm headed down the right path once again! Stay tuned!

AND as a friendly reminder, early registration for Pretty Muddy ends on Friday! It goes up $10 from there, so make sure you get in today! 

 How do you get yourself back in the saddle? Do you go all-out from the starting gate, or ease your way back in? Will I see you at Pretty Muddy?


  1. Gaaaaaah! You're running the NWH?! So jealous!! That race is on my bucket list and most likely the year that I'll be able to run it, I won't get into the lottery. EEP! I'm totally a training plan person, I like seeing everything that I need to do laid out at the beginning of the week. Great job on the speedwork the other day.

    1. I AM running NWH! Soooooo excited! You'll get there one day - SF was on my list, and while I never entered the lottery, I wanted to so badly. And then this bad boy got created, and we got in and BAM. You'll do it one day, promise. :)

  2. Have you checked out the elevation profile for the Clemson Easter Bunny half? It's pretty hilly, especially from mile 10-12. I ran it last year, and the only thing that made it a PR for me was the fact that it ran about .3 of a mile short (at least according to my Garmin). Also something I'd forgotten until I looked at my Garmin file just now - although the race was chip timed, it was only chip timed at the *finish* (at least this was how they did it last year). That means that my official time started with the gun, whereas I assumed it would start as I crossed the start line (which is when I started my Garmin) - and there is somewhat of a bottleneck at the start because it starts inside the botanical gardens on a narrow road/path. In any case, you may want to clarify with the organizers how the chip timing works because I was completely confused by it at the time, and place yourself near the front if it's as I described. I'm not saying it's not a PR course, but I wouldn't consider it any less hilly than the GA marathon course. Of course, if you train in Athens, you've pretty much got the hills under control. :)