Monday, April 22, 2013

NWMDC | Assessing My Training

A few weeks ago I put it out there that NWM DC is my goal sub-2 race for the year - that was just about a month ago and I've been thinking long and hard about the feasibility of achieving this coveted half-marathon race time. Come next Monday morning, can I call myself a sub-2er?

My training plan was a modified (for the sake of time) Runner's World sub-2 plan: their version was 12 weeks, mine was 5. Yeah - but minding the fact that I was coming out of marathon recovery month (as it were), and have run two halfs in the last six weeks come race day, I've done the work. Let's look at how this plays out:

Week 1: March 25-31
Scheduled miles: 21
Completed miles: 23.7

Week 2: April 1-7
Scheduled: 25
Completed: 7.54

Week 3: April 8-14
Scheduled: 24
Completed: 13.76

Week 4: April 15-21
Scheduled: 20
Completed: 14.96

Total miles scheduled: 90
Total miles completed: 59.96

If you look at this solely based on miles, I'm far from completing the plan to its fullest, and certainly haven't put in the miles to make a 1:59:59 clock time happen. However - I'm looking at this from a different light: speed and endurance, two things I never really thought I had. My speed workouts each week have been amazing and have certainly helped me push beyond what I thought I was capable of - both physically and mentally. My long runs (6-7 miles) have all held under a 9:40 pace, which is a lot faster than any of my long runs prior (usually in the 10-10:10 average range), so I know there are a few factors making a difference!

The running coach I've been working with has said repeatedly that if I complete a full training cycle (unlike I did for the last two halfs, Clemson especially) and allow myself a taper week (a what? You're silly, Al) that I've got the endurance and the speed to certainly make my goal happen.

Running a 5K-PR in a training run during week 3 really showed that when I put my mind to it, and can mentally push myself all the way through, that I am as capable as I think. Running that PR run (a full minute shorter than my 5K race PR) was not easy, but knowing that I pushed as hard as I could all the way through showed that work coming to life.
5K PR in a training run!
So here you have it. I'm in my last week, ready to make it count. Taper week, as recommended/knowing that I need it to allow myself to really get revved up for Sunday! I'm running our #BostonStrongATH run tonight, one last track day on Wednesday, and 3 easy miles on Thursday. And that's it - resting until Sunday morning and putting this #sub2orbust plan to work.

More NWMDC fun to come this week!

Last advice, words of wisdom, things to remember? 


  1. You are totally going to get that sub-2! I laughed when I read you had a modified version from 12 weeks to 5. I was expecting like 12 weeks to 10. You're a badass. Fact.

    1. Haha. Well only down to 5 given that I had already run two halfs in the two weeks leading up to these 5 weeks (so 3 halfs in 8 weeks, including NWM), so I knew I had the endurance, it was just building up the speed.

      Thanks for the love! :)