Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Halfway There (Livin' on a Prayer)

Pardon the title. You're welcome for getting it stuck in your head.

Friends, we are just over halfway through year - can you believe it? While I feel that every year goes by faster and faster, it never fails to surprise me or catch me thinking, "Where did the time go?" "Wasn't it just Christmas" because in my head yes, yes it was just December.

With that, I am now down to having half the year to accomplish the things I set out for myself. Admittedly, I'm a to-do lister to a fault - while it certainly helps me stay focused, it also really frustrated me when I leave things unfinished or unattainable. The joy of crossing something off is uncanny to me. Yes, I'm a little OCD with my lists (let's not even talk about how many lists I'm operating on this week thanks to the move).

But I set myself up for some pretty big goals in 2013 - some that I'm en route to, and some that I can't honestly say I'm certain I'll achieve. Part of me really struggles with that and part of me says "It's okay. Do what you can." With that, we're going to re-review some of these 2013 goals and see just which ones I think I can do - six months to go!

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- 1,000 miles: Last year I ran 664 of those with a goal of 800. From where I stand now (351 as of June 30), I'll need 100-mile months for the rest of the year, something I've only achieved once. While I intend on being on a marathon training plan beginning in October, I am not 100% that this is do-able. B goal: 850. 
- Sub-2 hour half marathon: We all know how my dream sub-2 race turned out for me. And while it still stings a little, I can't lie, I also know now just how achievable this is. I can make this happen. The only race I'm signed up for in the fall is the Las Vegas RnR, and with moving throwing my life budget out of whack, I am not sure what else is in store. But I'm still determined to make 2013 my sub-2 year. B goal: there isn't one. Bam.
- Sub-26 5K: Current 5K PR is 27:10, on legs that ran after 11 hours after Disneyland. This is sooo do-able. B goal: not allowed.
- Sub 1-hour 10K: Completed!
- Finish that marathon standing upright:  Completed!
- 13 in 2013: 10 races down, number 11 is tomorrrow, 12 is Vegas, and number 13 will fall in there somewhere. B goal: will just be more than 13!
- VOLUNTEER with at least 2 races: 1 done, Georgia Publix Marathon. 2, I actually just signed up for volunteering at the Long Beach Marathon finish line! Excited to be at the end of a race and see all the folks meeting their goals. B goal: volunteering at more than 1 more and giving back to an amazing community!

- Student loan paid off: Pending life and living situations that are still TBD as of today, despite the fact that I'm Cali-bound in three days, this could be achieved. It would be an amazing accomplish to have this done in just five years instead of the default (and still fast) ten years. B goal: March 2014, still only three months later.
- Increase savings: That's been rocky at best, and moving certainly it won't help. But much like the above, pending life situations, this can happen. B goal: just an increase. Period.
- Make time for those I love: I was a little better at making regular calls to my grandparents, which I am okay with, but knew I could be better. Now that I get to live close to them again, this will be easier and I am really looking forward to that (as I know they are). B goal: Lunch/dinner with just me and the grandparents at least once a month.
- Journal: Major fail area. I've journaled maybe once since January. B goal: once per month, minimum.

And now... as promised... our Power Ice pack winner! Congratulations  Danielle - I've emailed you with the information I need to send your prize off. Please respond no later than Friday, July 5, at 10 am EST or I will pick a new winner.

Where do you stand with your goals for 2013? Have you had to make adjustments to any of them? 


  1. You have some great goals for 2013! I love all of your B Goals! I am running the Long Beach Half so maybe I will see you there! Have a safe trip!

    1. I sure hope to see you then! I volunteer at the finish line from 9 am - 2 pm, so there's a chance!? :)

      What race are we running together first? :D Sooo excited!

  2. 13 Races in 2013: To include another one with your sister to end 2013 since you started 2013 with me! :)

    1. That would be AWESOME sister - let's find one at Christmas maybe?