Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Recap


I haven't done one of these month recaps in ages - mostly because I feel my months have been less than mediocre and not worth writing home (or online) about.

Total run mileage: 52 - and that was with a whole week off. HOLLA! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 
# Runs: 19
# Rest days: 13
# Cross-training workouts: Ermm... a couple walks with the pup? And one hike with mom!
# Races: 2
     - Renegade Racing 3 Mile Trail Challenge | Recap
     - Girls on the Run LA 5K | Recap (kinda!)
plus 1 from Saturday! Strongest month in a loooong time.
Favorite run: Running with one of my girls at the GOTR 5K - definitely made the end of the season worth it, seeing her do all that work and push herself to the end. Sappy, but true. I can't wait for the next season, too!
One of our other coaches, Nan!
Most hardcore run:  That first-ever trail run! Holy freaking moly - I can't believe I signed up for that, can't believe I did it, and even more so can't believe that I actually placed in my age group! Trail running is no joke, but I'm definitely excited about the next few trail races over the summer series I'm doing!

Current obsession: Allllll the races. I thought Georgia was bad with the sheer amount of races that exist, try Southern California where the weather is always good! It sure makes it hard to budget all that I want to do! But I am super excited for all that's coming up... more to come soon!

Current song: I am obsessed with Neon Trees. Doug and I saw them a few years ago, and we'll be seeing them again at the end of June. Their new album is fantastic, and I am also very obsessed with this song currently:

It'll be in your head for awhile. Sorry.

Current need: Working on finding a place to live! I've been hangin' out in student housing very graciously for this past spring semester but it's time to move on and find a new place to call mine. So, a very exhausting few weeks ahead, but some excitement as well. Looking forward to settling in and finish unpacking all the boxes in my parents garage! 

Current triumph: While the school year ended a few weeks ago, that was still May and I'm still riding the high from finishing out my first academic year here at Marymount! I cannot believe I've been back in California for 10 months and have completed one full school year. Insanity. A lot learned, a lot more TO learn, but I'm excited to take charge and jump full force into getting into next year! 

Current goal: Race day is Saturday! Sub-2 goal is upon me again. Even missing that full week of training last week, I feel solid and ready to go. I know the downhill will be tough on the legs, but will also give me that boost for a little extra speed when I don't have it enough. I am excited and ready to rock! Funny enough, I don't feel as ready as I did last year for that sub-2 goal race, but I feel like it's my time. Maybe I'll finally get that extra little oomph! More on that soon! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for June?

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