Thursday, July 9, 2015

At the Halfway Point

Can you believe we're halfway through 2015? Though I see and write the date every day at work, it still blows me away that I'm now writing 'July ___' and summer is in full-blown effect at work. The crazy begins!

Part of my challenge is holding myself accountable throughout the year - updating at the end of the year typically just shows that I didn't accomplish all of them. My hope for the year was to be that as I do monthly recaps with mileage and races, that I also need to ensure I'm updating you  on my progress toward my yearly goals. I've slacked a little on this monthly recaps, but now that I'm back in action, I feel like I can get back on the swing of things!

With that... let's check in to how 2015 is faring for me as far as my goals for the year:

Fontana Days
1,000 miles: As of yesterday (because I haven't run yet today), I've got 501 running miles down on the year. So I am just over the halfway mark, just past the halfway mark of the year! I know I've got this in the bag, so long as I stick with the focus and progress I've made. I have a bunch of halfs lined up for the fall that will certainly aid me in getting there. Goal: in progress / halfway there!

Marathon PR: When we celebrated the new year, I had only one marathon on my calendar, but was pondering another one for late fall or early winter. LA Marathon was tough, no lie, but I did technically achieve this goal with a new marathon PR of 4:52:52. If I can use the fall line up to keep myself in check and in shape, I think I can put together a marathon training plan to work to another PR later this year. But for all intents and purposes...  Goal: Achieved! 

- New states:  I want to cross off at least two new half marathon states and would love to cross off at least three new states to visit! Coming up in the fall, I've got two new states on my travel list (!!): Portland, Oregon on October 4 (more on that soon!) and Brooklyn, New York on October 10 (join me? Use code RUNMEGANRUN for $15 off registration). It'll be a fun week. :) I don't think I'll be getting to any new states to just visit, but I'm excited that I've got new half marathon states coming up! Goal: halfway there!

A job: HOLLA. Done and done! I promise, I owe y'all a lonooong over-due post all about the job. Unbelievably, I'm three months in already and LOVING it. The next six weeks are going to be insane and I'm beyond excited. More to come soon, I swear.  
Goal: Achieved! 

CSUSB lovin'. 
Reduce debt by 50%: That's a big percentage. Truth be told, I did a poor job of setting myself up to track this accurately from where I started at the beginning of the year! However, I have a small credit card paid off and have made great progress towards knocking things out. Is it anywhere near 50%? No, but I'm okay with where I am at! Goal: in progress.

I'm really happy with the progress I've made so far this year. I'm looking forward, above all else, to tackle my 1,000 mile goal and make that a reality. I'm definitely looking forward to my two race-cations, one that will involve visiting my sister again (I haven't been to New York to see her in nearly four years) and the likelihood of a birthday trip to Oregon with Doug for my 30th and another race. How lucky can one girl get in a year? We shall find out!

How are your 2015 goals coming along? 

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  1. Congrats on all that you've achieved already this year!