Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites - July 10

I love Carlee's regular Friday Favorites posts and I've got so many things to share this week, I thought I'd jump on board! I haven't done one of my own in five-ever, so it's about dang time.

1. Sparkly Soul NEON Fun!
I mean... y'all know I love my Sparkly Soul. That might even be the understatement of the year. BUT I also love all things neon. And now they've combined two of my loves together!

You can also enter to win these neon 4-packs!

- SHARE your favorite neon headband or tag a friend on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #NEONsparklysoul and tag Sparkly Soul (@sparklysoulinc) through 7/13 11:59pm PST. Who doesn't want to win all the neon love?

2. Strut Your Stuff Sign Co. 
Now that we're in our new plac (also more to come on that later), and I've been collecting piles of medals on the corner of a chair at my parents' house, I've been eye-balling getting a medal holder - FINALLY! - for all that bling! Strut Your Stuff has some of my favorites, if not just for the quotations that they've done on some of their boards. Aaaaaaand the best part is that I just won one from their Instagram account! 

Can you say exciting? I sure can! Now my medals will finally have a home! And I think I'll scoop one up for Doug so he has a place for his, finally too. Happy times!

3. We Have Our OWN Place to Live!
I know, you'd think this would be an update from a long time ago, but like many other things... that'll come soon. Doug and I finally moved to our own place about two weeks ago, so it's been a crazy time of unpacking, finding things, waiting for the interwebz to get installed (sad when you realize how internet-dependent you've become) and so many other things. I'm beyond excited and it's wild and weird and wonderful all at the same time. 

4. We're Vegas-Bound!
... I guess following #3, no it's not what you think. Doug's officially on his three-week summer vacation and my next six weeks are absolutely bonkers, so all we found time for was a weekend to get away and go do something. So we're out for a few days just to get away and relax a bit before the crazy begins for me on Tuesday and before football kicks back up for him in a few weeks. Hooray!

Happy times. Happy Friday. Happy weekend everyone!

Whatcha up to this weekend?

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