Friday, July 17, 2015

Chattanooga Bound!

I'm headed out to Chattanooga tonight for my sorority's annual convention! Super excited, super stressed, as our first freshmen orientation session is Monday... butttttt excited to spend all of 36 hours with some of my favorite sisters in the world.

Last year, we were in Indianapolis and the year prior to Pittsburgh, all new cities for me (and Indiana a new state!). Though I've been to Tennessee enough, I've never been to Chattanooga (also despite living only two hours away for two years), so I'm excited to get a little exploring in.

Surprisingly, I haven't run in a week. I made it to Day 48 of my run streak and after heading out to Vegas and a little dose of smartness/reality from Doug, decided I needed to rest. While one mile super super easy style (re: 12-minute miles) is easy enough, it's still not rest. So I drank and ate my way through Vegas and got through this week without even the thought of a run. Turns out, it was a needed break.

So, despite some crazy weekend and workshops ahead, I'm looking forward to getting out for a solid long run on Sunday morning to go play around Chatt-town a little bit before our closing awards and a flight home.

What a pretty city! I can't wait to go exploring.

Suggestions on places to run in Chattanooga?

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