Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites #3

Aaaaah, Friday. Best day of the week, because obviously... WEEKEND! This is my first Friday back at work (we have Fridays off during the summer) so it feels a little odd being back to a 5-day work week schedule, but because classes haven't started yet, it's still quite mellow and therefore, awesome. 

I've got all kinds of goodness going on today because it's the best day ever, so enjoy!

1. Sparkly Soul Fall Cleaning Sale!
Obviously the number one reason today's already a great day but add to the fact that much like their spring cleaning sale, SS is back at it with a FALL cleaning sale! Get a 6-pack of headbands for just $30 (bear in mind that a wide headband alone is normally $17, thin $15) so this is a GREAT deal. Count me in for two - I'm going to hope I get a few random ones I don't own, but it's also a great time to stock up as small pick-me-up gifts and even stocking stuffers for running friends for the upcoming holidays (can you believe it's that time?). Purchase your packs here!

2. All the Race Discounts!
We're going to feature Long Beach today because it's in just three short weeks (wheeeee!) and I'm super stoked about it being part of my birthday shenanigans (see below). Long Beach is truly one of my favorite races in Southern California and I'm super stoked to be one of their inaugural ambassadors! Doug's running this race too as part of his three-peat to get one of those golden seashells... but I digress. Join me for Long Beach, won't you... or any of these other awesome races?

3. Birthday Shenanigans!
So what I'm officiall dubbing #30halfsfor30years is creeping up on me! As of yesterday, it's just two weeks until my big 3-0 and I'm flying coast to coast and back again for three half marathons in 8 days and adding two new half marathon states while I'm at it. We booked our Portland flights just the other night, so it's making it really real and I'm beyond giddy excited. Check it out:

Saturday, October 3: to Portland
Sunday, October 4: Portland Half Marathon (half #29)
Monday, October 5: Home from Portland
Wednesday, October 7: to New York City
Saturday, October 10: Rock 'n Roll Brooklyn (half #30!) + flight back to LA
Sunday, October 11: Long Beach Half Marathon (half #31 for good measure)

Can you say AWESOME SAUCE? I can! Much more to come on all of those, but I have discount codes here for all the above races, so join me at some point!

4. Tiux Socks Giveaway
Today's the last day to enter for my Tiux compression socks giveaway - soft, cushy, and who doesn't like pink and lime green together? Enter here so you don't miss out on the chance to win! Show your legs some recovery love...

and last but not least...

5. Football Fridays are BACK!
Doug's back to coaching season - though he has been for a few weeks now - but I just love the fall. He's coaching at a new high school, closer to us and where we moved to, but with a few coaches from his last team along for the ride too. I get to join in on the fun via grandstands, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Fall has actually been creeping in during the evenings, so Fridays are jeans, hoodies, and all kinds of cheering for our Eagles! Though games are stressful from his end, of course, I enjoy getting to wind down my week that way - good fun away from a computer, away from chores and life at home, and enjoying watching these kids do their thing. 

And that's that - it's a good day. Beautiful day outside, despite hights of low 90s, it's going to be gorgeous. I'm hoping that once 'fall' starts on Monday, we'll actually get to see some of that weather?! Please and thank you, I'd appreciate it.

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend, friends! 

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