Thursday, September 3, 2015

#TrainingRockBox: 10 Reasons I love Rock 'n Roll + Las Vegas Discount Code!

So as y'all know, I'm one of the 100 Rock 'n Bloggers for the 2015 Rock 'n Roll Race Series this year. I'm beyond lucky, and beyond grateful, that I was given such an opportunity, and then they go and out-do themselves with this kinda stuff. Mailbox love, FTW! 

The pretty kick-ass folks over at RnR sent us some training goodies, complete with Gus, socks, new hats, and discount codes galore for new Garmins (mine's pretty close to retirement), sunglasses... you name it. There's some pretty incredible sponsors for RnR races and I'm so stoked they loved us all enoguh to spread the love even more! 

Wanna see what's inside?

Probably one of my newest, fave hats ever. It's not boring and matches pretty much everything I run in already (blues and purples, errrryday). Win. 

Admittedly, I used CEP once like four years ago, didn't love them, and gave up. But after using these babies a few times, CEP might give me a run for their money now too. Again, with the blue... you can't go wrong! 

Garmin@GarminFitness | #GarminRocks 
I'll never scoff at 35% off a new Garmin. Mine is creeping on three years now and I think it's time I give myself an upgrade. I'm looking at her - I love the colors and updates (like live-tracking) that have come along since I bought my first Garmin! Input? Opinions welcome. 

Endurance Formula Powder Sticks are new to me, so I haven't given them a shot yet. I've got a few long runs coming up on tap before a full fall schedule of races, so they'll make a debut in my bottle soon - more to come! 

Gu and I used to hate each other - the texture is something I just can't get past, but after more tummy issues post-run, I gave it a shot again. Texture is still something I struggle with but I have a few select flavors (re: vanilla bean, lemon lime, tri-berry, jet blackberry) are all delicious and sit well with my stomach after a half marathon. Gu offers more than gels though, so if gels aren't your thing either, you've got options. Lucky for me, they sent me some of my fave flavors so these guys got used pretty much instantly.

AND you can save your performance nutrition packaging and bring it to the GU booth at your next Rock 'n Roll expo for your chance to win (2) race-day VIP passes! Count me in! 

Maui Jim Sunglasses | @OfficialMauiJim | #mauifilter #mauireflection
Super discount at Maui Jim. Yes, please. And you'd think they'd been watching me and already knew that my sunglasses busted on me last week. Creepers. I kid.
$25 to Sports Authority? Yeah buddy. I swear, these folks have been reading my mind and telling me to finally go get all the things I've been putting off (like sports bras... oops). Thanks, guys - gonna finally go make this happen for myself! 
He knows how I feel. 
Nature's Path provided us with a full bag of Qi’a Cranberry Vanilla Cereal - trust me, trying new food things is wayyy outside my comfort zone, BUT I gave this guy a shot. And ZOMG. Delish. 

Qi’a (Kee-ah) is Nature's Path's new superfood cereal made with chia, hemp and buckwheat. This power trio is full of plant-based protein, fiber and ALA Omegas. Boost your nutrition after your run with only 2 tbsp. of cereal and feel the energy from this powerful, functional, and nutritious superfood. Give it a shot - you'll be surprised! 

Transamerica  |  @Transamerica |  #Active4Tomorrow

It's like these folks knew that over the last two months, I was on my phone 17 hours a day at work coordinating 400 freshmen at a time and that meant that  most days, my cell phone was at 1% by 2 in the afternoon. Not gonna work when your work day goes until 7 pm! Lucky for me, just as I was thinking about the genius idea of getting a power bank charger... they sent me one. High fives, guys. 

Running races, crushing your personal records, and achieving greater results takes planning. By planning ahead, you can reduce worry that something could get in the way. Transamerica can help with a variety of solutions from race registration protection to insurance, investments and retirement planning. You can explore more about their products here.

New training shirts are always fun, especially when they show off you're part of Team RnB -- excited to rock this at the Brooklyn expo in a few weeks and meet some folks finally and putting faces to names! Holler if you're coming! 

But by far, and I mean this, out of the entire box was a personal note from Ashley, our RnB coordinator-emailer-organizer-extraordinaire. And I do mean personal - for all 100 of us. Can you imagine? It's things like that that totally suck me in and realize that I'm part of a team here and they want nothing more than to make us a part of such a group. Warm fuzzies all around.

So super high fives to Ashley, Rock 'n Roll, and of course, all the folks above! I'm ready to get crankin' on fall half marathon training. Let's do this!

And now... MORE EXCITEMENT! For the first time in like, ever, the super badass folks at RnR have released us a discount code for Las Vegas! Can you say ZOMG! So, the excitement you've been waiting for: 

Use code RUNMEGANRUNLV for $15 off the half or full marathons, making them $145 each! Your deadline for this code is October 1, so make sure you take advantage now and get to it! Let me know if you'll be coming to run the #StripatNight! 

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