Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites #8: Fitness Stocking Stuffers

All week I've had some super stellar gift guides from varoius ambassador friends all around the interwebz, so I thought I'd wrap up the week with some of MY favorites, too! It is a Friday Favorite day, after all!

In case you missed their posts:
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I've loved having a whole bunch of guests and I hope you've loved what they've shared! But on to my personal faves... and things that the runner and fitness fan in your life would LOVE to have. Trust me.

1. Sparkly Soul Inc. 
Yes, I'm an ambassador so yes, I like promoting them. But here's the thing. They work. They're awesome. And they sparkle. I've been wearing them long before I ever got to be an ambassador and I just love promoting the sparkly goodness. Better yet, they're releasing all kinds of amazing new colors and patterns, and I can't even keep up! Make sure you visit them on social media (IG | Twitter) to find out what's going on! You can also check out the #25daysofsparklysoul for daily deals all the way up until Christmas!
New seashell green pretties! $17 (wide) / $15 (thin)

2. Pro Compression 
Though you'll see runners everywhere rocking these, they're good for recovery for anyone, not just runners! Compression socks are great for recovery and I use them both during long runs but also for afterwards to help blood circulation and muscle fatigue. I swear by them and with all their fun designs, colors, and patterns, what's not to love?
Pro Compression White and Black Marathon Sock, $50. 

3. Training Journal 
I just won my first training jounral and am way excited to dive into for 2016. While blogging is a great way to keep up with transparency in a training plan and to hold myself accountable (because I can't put it on the internet if it didn't happen, right?), sometimes there's nothing like putting it down on paper and getting back to your roots. With a few fulls on the schedule for 2016, I hope to use this to actually see my progress. And hey! Just because your fitness fan doesn't run, doesn't mean there's not a place for them, too. Gone for a Run has a ton of journals to choose from here!
Love the Run journal, $29.99

4. Spi Belt 
SpiBelt is great for holding all your stuff when you just don't want to - or, for runners, for holding your Gus, keys, phone, headphones, and all that other random stuff that you never knew you needed while you were out on a run. But seriously, my SpiBelt comes with me on all my long runs and races so I never have to worry about missing out on something I ended up needing. I also had the brilliant idea earlier this week that for days where I don't want to carry my wallet/backpack/purse, why not take the thing to Disneyland? Hands-free, all day? Count me in.
Original SpiBelt, $19.99
5. Runners World Subscription 
Runners World has become my monthly running bible and advice guide. I love the stories, the human pieces, and even the tips and recommendations on races, places to go, and how to tackle the winter running blues. A subscription isn't expensive either and makes a great gift that lasts all year!
RW subscription, $19.97

These are just some of my faves and quick, easy things to use as stocking stuffers or quick birthday presents in the holiday season!

What are some of your running favorites?

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