Friday, April 15, 2016

100 Things, 100 Ways

One of my big focuses with OC training wasn't only getting in the long distance mileage (though that was certainly top of the list), but it was also being a little better about my eating, fueling, and diet choices. I'm not overweight by any means, but it's been a little bit about dropping a few pounds to get down to a more comfortable race weight - and eating better in the process.

I've had a few tools here and there, but one of the big issues I've faced is snacking. My snack choices are usually what's within reach and sometimes, that's not always the best of choices (hello, sweet tooth!). At the office, I keep fruit snacks nearby so I can get some of the sweet taste but not binge on entirely sugar-based products. We actually just got a fridge not too long ago also (!), so I've been able to get some fruit and yogurt in here too, so I have even more healthier choices to grab and go between meetings or at my desk while I work on projects.

One of my favorites has become Chobani's new Simply 100 packs - yogurt with a side of crunch (and sometimes a sweet-tooth's every wish!). Simply 100 is a guilt-free way to delicious crunchy snack but still getting some of the health and diet benefits of yogurt (I'm totally guilty of needing 'crunchy' things to munch on).

My favorite by far is the strawberry chocolate truffle (see, told you with that sweet tooth business) but the blueberry is high up there too. I haven't tried mango, as that's not normally a go-to for me, but we'll see!

Part of one of the other great tools I've been using is my new Garmin. Honestly, it's so cheesy but one of my favorite features is that if I'm sedentary for too long, it yells at me and tells me to MOVE! It's gotten me to be better about taking breaks - even if it means taking a lap around the building just to shake out my legs and keep moving throughout the day!

BUT did you know there's tons of easy ways to burn 100 calories to supplement that deliciousness you've just consumed, and I realize that I do a number of these almost daily in my routine anyway - walking the dog, cleaning up/tidying the house, and in my dreams, shopping on the regular.

How true are these though? While training hasn't necessaribly been about counting calories, it's been about watching them, even if only a rough estimate. These have been some of the best snacks and mind tricks I've played on myself the last six weeks - sweet tooth, solved. Health snack, solved.

What's your favorite way to burn 100 calories?

Many thanks to Chobani for inviting me to share in the Simply 100 goodness! I can't get enough! 

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