Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #15

April 10 - 16

So apparently last week, I never actually implemented the actual link up! Super fail - apologies to anyone that tried to be sure to get in on the fun and couldn't because I'm just super quick like that. My bad!

So the last full week of heavy marathon training is DONE - I'm entering two weeks of taper fun and then it's freaking GO TIME! Holy cow - where have the last eight weeks gone? I really can't believe it's been that long since Phoenix already, but am really stoked with all the mileage, distances and work I've done these last eight weeks and am feeling more ready than I did for Phoenix for sure (which was the whole goal, anyway!). Ready to see if I can make some goals come to life in Costa Mesa in TWO WEEKS.

Sunday | 5 miles
Since we did the Angels 5K on Saturday, and I had no desire to be out in the (forecasted) rain for 15 miles, I pushed my long run to Sunday. I rolled out about 8 am, expecting drizzle and clouds still but instead found big white puffy clouds, some sun, and a really nice day. There were tons of people out on the trail, so it didn't make these mile seem so lonely, which is always a plus! I was super nervous about getting in 15 on my own, so it was nice seeing so many families, puppies and people out everywhere!

As you can see, that is definitely not 15. About 10.5, my stomach flared up to the point where I was scared to keep running, but I knew there was a gast station nearby so I ran as fast as I could without pushing myself and then the last mile is to the grocery store to meet Doug to get some breakfast essentials and a ride home. Disappointed I didn't make it to the full 15, but I felt great overall, am stoked with my pacing, and knew that had I give myself more time that morning, 15 would have been a cinch.

11.28 miles, 1:45:30, 9:21 pace

Monday | 5 miles + strength
After Sunday's run, I was a little tired come Monday. I was ready to get my run in after work, but instead laid on my bed and did nothing for about half hour before heading out to go bowling - a totally random Monday night adventure, but you know? I didn't feel bad about skipping that run. Hello, taper time, please. I think I know I'm ready for it at this point!


Tuesday | 8 miles
After work, I bolted home and got to my mileage on a gloriously warm evening that was pretty much perfect and all I could have asked for for knocking out 8 miles on a Tuesday afternoon. I ran three miles uphill to the dog park (I've never made it to the top without walking), three miles back down and then the last two miles through the neighborhood across the street from our complex and wound my way down and around the streets in our complex to round it all out. Awesome. So awesome.

8.04 miles, 1:13:47, 9:11 pace

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
I've fallen back into the routine of running after work - thank you, extended daylight - but I wish I could get my act together in the morning to get it done before work. Maybe these last two weeks I will, since they're shorter distances and easier to knock out on the 'mill.

At any rate, I headed out for miles after work, before yoga. and not even a half-mile in, started fighting a nasty side stitch that almost sent me right home again, but I decided I needed to fight through it. It came back on strong at mile 3 or so, so I booked it home and called it a day at 4.25 - not everything I needed, but my legs were definitely feeling the 8 from the night before, so I figured that mileage and a little yoga action, and I'd be good to go. Aaaaah, yoga. Yoga was hard - I couldn't find my balance, no core, just a total lack of focus, but my legs! Oof. Deep stretching works wonders but I booked home and foam rolled pretty much immediately.

4.25 miles, 38:04, 8:58 pace
Yoga, 60 minutes + Foam roll/stretch, 10 minutes 

Thursday | 6 x 800 hill repeats
Two months later, I finally got to drop off my engagement ring to get re-sized. While that took longer than expected, I finally got home about 6:30, started some pieces for dinner and then headed over to the treadmill to get this workout in. I figured speedwork would be some quick and easy miles would still allow me to get home, get dinner done and ready for Doug to get home after football. Domestic goddess in the works, people. Or at least I'm pretending. Doug got home the same time I did (darn!) but I got my workout in and called it an awesome day.

Warm up mile @ 9:40, 6 x 800 at 4:11, 4:08, 4:04, 3:56, 3:49, and 3:44 (booyah!) and 5 minutes cool down. Last OC speedwork day in the books and all I can say is hell yeah!

4.3 miles, 40:18, 9:21 pace (including warm up and cool down)

Friday | Rest
Happy end of the week! Yay rest day! No lie though, I was nervous about Saturday's run...


Saturday | 20 miles 
A friend of mine from the running club said he'd help me get in my long run since all my girls are doing their thing at Walt Disney World this weekend. We met up before the club and got in 4 miles + 15 miles with the club, but he took me on some extra loops to hit 20 by the time we got back to the club's starting point. Only apparently he lied some more and took me to 21! 

I honestly have never felt that good, that long - AND that makes for my longest training run ever! I am so beyond pleased and stoked and felt pretty damn badass after that run. Proof that running with people makes you forget if something hurts or if you don't feel good or something's hard... many thanks to Eric for getting me through   powering me through that run! OC Marathon, here I come!

21.0 miles, 3:12:02, 9:09 pace <--- WHAT IS THAT. 

That's a total of  48.9 on the week and I call that a successful last week of training. Ready for two easy weeks (25 and 16 miles a piece, that's cake!) and ready to get myself to the start line, ready to roll. I got this! 

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. That sounds like an amazing week.

  2. Girl, you are seriously AMAZING! I don't know if I'll ever be able to find the motivation to fit in that many miles after work. :)