Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #17: Race Week

April 24 - 30

Last week of taper + leading up to race day. My head was kind of all over the place but mostly? Excited. 

Sunday | 6 miles
Since I did some extra mileage at some extra elevation on Saturday, I opted to take it easy on Sunday. We wrapped our retreat with our students, packed up camp, headed back down the mountain and I wasn't home until nearly 4:30 that afternoon. Glad I opted for the rest day, but glad I had the extra distance on Saturday to have made up for it.

Monday | 3 miles + strength
I could not get up to save my life on Monday morning (thank you, retreat weekend), so I opted to do them after work. But also then realized that I had committed to dinner at my parents' house right after work, so since I didn't get there until 6, I didn't get home and on the treadmill until nearly 8:40 at night. I hate running that late, even on a treadmill, because then I feel all amped up and not so ready for bed. Luckily, my post-retreat weekend exhaustion still hung around because I'm pretty sure I was out cold in no time anyway!

Note the Rockstar 26.2 headband. Pre-marathon pep-talk via hair accessories. Duh.
3 miles, 28:47, 9:35 pace 

Tuesday | 4 x 400 
I didn't want to run late again like Monday, but had a few errands after work, so I packed  my gear to take advantage of a forecasted gorgeous day and get my run around campus before I left for the day. Good decision, self! 1 mile warm up from my car + 1 loop around the track, 4 x 400 that felt way uber slow (1:47, 1:45, 1:43, 1:44) but led to my fastest mile ever (kind of cheating though, no?), and 1 mile cool down back to the car. I still had daylight for my errands and still home at a decent hour. I win!

3.01 miles, 25:44, 8:32 pace 

Wednesday | 2 miles + yoga
It's kind of hard only having 2 miles scheduled to do. You mean, I can head out 20 minutes before yoga starts and STILL get "all" my mileage done for the day? Score. I met up with Jacky just before 7 to bust out two easy miles. Well, what I thought was supposed to be easy and even with the entire first mile going into the headwind, we still busted out a quick pace.

Followed by 60 minutes of yoga and I was done for the night. Yoga was a great last pre-OC stretch and soooo needed! So good. Can you tell I'm really jumping on this yoga train, even if it is only once a week?

2.13 miles, 18:50, 8:50 pace
60 minutes yoga

Thursday | 2 miles 
For the first time in a long time, I got up with my alarm and headed out for my scheduled 2. It probably helps that I only had to be up at 5:50 to make two miles work, so that was kind of cool and helpful. I was planning on the treadmill but the gym near our apartment building has only one functioning 'mill currently and it was in use, so I skipped back home, grabbed a jacket and ran around the neighborhood instead. It was cool - clearly had rained just a few hours earlier - and misty, so it was a nice morning to get outside and just get it done.

2.05 miles, 18:40, 9:05 pace 

Friday | Rest
Happy end of the week! It's almost RACE DAY! Gaaaaaaaaah.... goals are live, ready to make things a reality and see how much these last eight weeks have paid of. Let's do this. 

Saturday | 2 miles
I was scheduled to work at the OC expo from 8:30 am - 12 noon and had venue appointments all afternoon, so my only chance was to get in some pre-sunrise miles again. No sweat, 'caus Sunday I'll be up way before the sun anyway, right?

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. Awesome job lady on your HUGE (YUUUUGE) PR!

    1. Thanks lady! :D Still can't believe it. xoxo

  2. Great taper week, but hurry up with the recap! :)

    1. I'm going to drag it out just to torture you! ;) Thursday, I hope!