Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Recap

Total run mileage: 124.3. I'm not sure why it's only 120 up there ^, but whatever. Second highest monthly mileage EVER!  
Highest weekly run mileage: 48.89. Highest weekly ever? I believe so! The week of the kick-ass 21 miler.   
# Runs: 21.  
# Rest days: 10 days. Two only extra because I needed them, needed the break and promised that if I took them, I'd go out hard the next day. Always accomplished, so you know those rest days were well-spent! 
# Cross-training workouts: 4 days of yoga. And 1 awesome hike up in the mountains with my students! 
# Races: 
     - Ragnar So Cal... recap eventually? 

     - Angels 5K 

Favorite run: I can't say it was the favorite because it was the most fun or whatever (though it was), but knocking out that 21 miler (without realizing it was 21) was pretty fan-freaking-tastic. I had some good longer-than-13.1-mile runs this cycle and while they were great, there is nothing like finishing 21 miles (when you thought it was 20) and realizing you did so at a 9:12ish pace throughout. Talk about a confidence boost heading into race day (spoiler: mentally, it works wonders!). 

Current favorite: Given that we're a few days into May, my current favorite is reminscing on Sunday. Working on my race recap that I hope to post on Thursday and share all the gloriousness that race day turned out to be. I'm giddy and sore, elated and in sheer disbelief of what I pulled off. I couldn't have asked for more out of the day, nor out of my legs! Just you wait. ;) 

Current excitement: I'm officially all booked for my racecation 30-hour trip to Seattle! I'm so stoked to be running Rock 'n Roll Seattle and knocking off half marathon state #10 in the process. Though I'm up in Washington for just a day and a half, having a free flight and new friends to share a hotel with doesn't hurt, so this trip is uber-cheap and therefore even more uber-awesome. More to come on this on Friday! 

Join me, yes?

Current read: Many thanks to the super awesome folks at Rock 'n Roll and VeloPress, I've got a couple of new books headed my way and I'm way freaking excited! I still have plenty of other reads to get to, but I'm super stoked about The Accidental Athlete and am definitely cracking this one open first! A few weeks of recovery and easy running will leave me with plenty of time to get some reading done - amazing when you look back and realize how much time you've spent running, and now that you have some free time in your life... reading... some wedding planning... aaaaah! Such a nice feeling.  

Current goal: Marathon recovery! I think that's a pretty good goal to have. :) 

Month Goals: May is going to be all about giving my body some time to recover. Two fulls in nine weeks is pretty grueling on anyone, let alone a girl who took two YEARS between her first and second. I'm damn proud of it, but I know my body needs a little downtime too. To boot, May kicks off my busiest time of year - orientation seasion! - for our new students, so soon my Saturdays are being hijacked, which also leads to my biggest mental struggle of the year in maintaining any kind of fitness during 60+ hour work weeks. Wish me luck!  

Goals for April:
- 125 miles - Well damn, apparently I was .7 miles shy! 
Add another yoga day in for at-home practice (so 2 times per week) - Nope. But I'm glad I stuck with my once per week at least! 
Intentional stretching/foam rolling as miles increase these next few weeks heading into race day - Very much so. Lots more rolling as the weeks went on! 

Goals for May:
- Marathon recovery - It's been a tough and super intense last eight weeks since Phoenix. I've worked really hard and now it's time to let myself recover. I have a half on the books on June 5 (Rock 'n Roll San Diego), but nothing I intend to take seriously. Sometimes running just to run is just as good!
- Maintain - Having nothing to train for/focus on is nice, but on the same token can be hard because I'm certainly of the variety that will let myself slack more because of that. My Saturday work schedule also starts up soon (summer is craaaaazy in my world), so I'm hoping to maintain a schedule of running + yoga to keep up with my current fitness.
- Strength - Maybe, then this is a good time to get in some strength work. There's an idea. ;)

Looking back on another month. Fantastic. 
What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?


  1. Yay!!!! Made the favorite run list hahahah.

    1. HECK YES YOU DID! And thanks for commenting. ;)