Monday, May 9, 2016

7 Reasons Rock 'n Roll ROCKS!

...because numbers like 5 and 10 are boring and expected, and who wants that?

1. The music.
It's no lie that you have a real, live iPod with you along any RnR course. With over a dozen bands and entertainers along every course, you have no reason to bring headphones along... just cruise to the jams provided for you! And, of course, every race finishes with a headliner concert. I'm stoked to see The New Pornographers at Seattle & Gavin DeGraw in San Diego this year, and got to see OAR last year in SD:

2. Who doesn't love a runcation?
The opportunities to see new states - and new countries, at that - is abound. If you're a Tour Pass holder (there's a 3-pack and both a North American and Global option), you can check out all kinds of new cities and cross off some of those half- or full-marathon states while you're at it! I'm headed up to Seattle in a few weeks to cross off state #10, many thanks to this year's tour pass. Check out all the locations here or here;

3. The scenery. 
Part of the fun in running in new cities is getting to explore on foot. Personally, I think there's no better way to get to know a new place! Whether it's the bright lights on the Vegas strip, or running underneath Spanish moss-covered trees in New Orleans, sights are abound along any course you'll find.

4. The expos! 
We all know that if you aren't careful, you can pretty much blow your entire month's paycheck at a race expo. Rock 'n Roll expos are that, times ten - everything from other races (and discounts!), to food and fuel samples, to the newest and greatest in all other things running (including some of my faves like Pro Compression and Sparkly Soul). The entire front half of each expo is a Brooks-based store for all things specific to that race, from jackets to hats and all kinds of shirts and tanks. It's dangerous. You've been warned.

5. The challenges. 
So many races around the country are now doing their own weekend-based challenges, and RnR is no exception. Last year, the Remix challenges were in cities like Vegas, San Jose, Philly, and Virginia Beach. The challenge? Run the 5K on Saturday (medal #1), and either the half or full on Sunday (medal #2), and then you earn the sweet, spinning Remix medal (#3). Sounds like a good time to me! I'm hoping to squeeze in a challenge or two this year, but we'll see!

San Jose 2016.
6. The BLING
Most notably, Rock 'n Roll races are known for the bling. You know they don't fall short in this area - my Vegas one from 2013 glows in the dark, and I swear they weigh 5 pounds each and hurt my neck just walking those babies back to the car from the finish line. Check out all the special medals here - including Remix challenges, destination challenges, and the Heavy Medals (I'm stoked about getting a few of those this year!).

RnR San Diego, 2015. 

7. Everyone can get in on it! 
Depending on the location, there are race distances for everyone. 5Ks, some 10Ks, and halfs abound, and select locations with a full marathon option. Your whole family can come along and play, even if they're not ready for a half and run the 5K, or you can make it a family half marathon adventure, too!

Want to run for all these reasons and more? Use code RUNMEGANRUN for $15 any domestic (Canada included) half or full marathon. Las Vegas is not included in this promotion. 5K, 10K and relay distances not eligible for promotion.

Need more reasons to run Rock 'n Roll? Check out my ambassador friends' reasons too:

Where will I see you this year?


  1. Hurray for Rock 'n' Roll! You'll see me in San Diego, Los Angeles and Vegas baby!

    1. Woo! I assume you're a west coaster too? Whereabouts are you? :)

  2. So many things to love! I'm excited we'll be doing several races together this year!

  3. VEGAS BABY! So excited to finally get to meet you in person!!

  4. VEGAS BABY! So excited to finally get to meet you in person!!

  5. aw, really wish I could go to Vegas! My only US race this year will be Brooklyn! Super excited about that!!

  6. Hands down RnR has the best expos, entertainment, courses, and medals!! I'll see you Seattle!!