Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites #18

This first week of May probably couldn't have gotten any better. I'm feeling pretty dang lucky + just oh so spectacular. Let's kick this fun off, shall we?

1. Rock 'n Roll Seattle
So I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but it's now even more official that I am headed up to the PNW to rock at Rock 'n Roll Seattle! My flight is booked, hotel stay confirmed with the lovely Sparkly Soul ambassador sister Libby, & I'm ready for a whopping 30 hours of a good time! Washington's gonna be half marathon state #10 and I am soooo excited!

Better yet? (I know, how could it?) I'll be hosting the Seattle We Run Social meet up with my fave, Linz. Join us on Friday afternoon at the Pro Compression booth at the expo for some selfies, Insta love & maybe even some sweet gear + stuff.

Who's gonna join us in Seattle?

2. All the Socks
So I've been meaning for awhile to get my socks in order. Like, needed to desperately throw some away, some had pairs floating around my sock drawer, and it just looked a hot mess. So I finally spent some time getting ish organized and ended up re-arranging my entire dresser pretty much. 

That turned into organizing all my Pro Compression in rainbow order (duh) and that turned into this gloriousness:

I guess I might have a lot of socks. Funny thing is, there are tons of PCs I know I'm missing that I desperately want! #runnerproblems to the extreme. I need a separate sock fund, TBH. There are a complete of imposters in the drawer above, but let's be real, Pro Compression is the only way to go! They also just announced and released their spankin' new logo & a new teal sock! Who got the May Sock of the Month?

3. RunDisney
Last year, Tinkerbell was my first west coast RunDisney race and while I wish I were running it again (but you know, budgets), my mom and I are spending all day Saturday volunteering at the expo. That means COME VISIT ME! I'll be sure to post where I am on Twitter/Insta, but I would love to see any and all of you that are coming to play in the parks for the weekend! 

I'm excited to also introduce my mom to the fun of RunDisney expos and all they are. Maybe I'll even convince her to sign up for next year's Neverland 5K. 

4. Lexus Lace Up Series Ambassador
I'm also super stoked that I've been asked to return as a Lace Up series ambassador for 2016! The Lace Up series is by far one of my fave local series in Southern California for TONS of reasons, so I am way pumped to get to help spread the word again!

I won't be able to do Riverside this year, but am hoping to get to at least Irvine and Palos Verdes on my tour stops this year. 

Check it: you can save 30% on any of the Lace Up races with code laceupmegan. The best part? In the SAME registration, you can register for a second race for another 20% off! And yes, my 30% is good on top of that! Um, hi, what a deal! Steal it while you can! 

You can check out my recaps from last year's Irvine 10K & Palos Verdes 10K to see the fun that Lace Up brings! Where will I see you this fall?

5. This Guy
I don't know about you all, but especially after this marathon, I'm really realizing how much time running takes up. If I'm not on a run, I'm thinking about a run, and even if after my run, I'm thinking about how that run went. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when Doug asked if, after OC, we could have a weekend without running, that I realized just how much it's consumed me. Goals achieved, but I couldn't have done it without him:

For pushing me on days that I didn't want to get out the door. For believing that I always could, even on the days when I didn't think I had it in me (which, let's be real, was most of the time). And for being the best cheerleader and support person any runner is lucky to have. As soon as I turned the last corner in the U-turn towards that finish line on Sunday, my first look was to find him immediately. Knowing that he'd been there all morning - dropped me off at 5 am at the start, drove himself to the finish area, slept in the car, ran the 5K and hung out more waiting for my finish meant the world. I don't say it enough, but thank you. I hope you know this PR is yours just as much as it is mine because I couldn't have gotten there without you.

Mush aside, it's FRIDAY! Whatcha doin' this weekend?

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