Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap Roundup #22

May 29 - June 4

I'm so grateful for the #RWrunstreak. Starting over is hard, but I've kinda started to feel a little reinvigorated and energized. Amazing what running does for you, right?

As mentioned earlier in the week, I'm participating for the fourth year in a row in the #RWrunstreak, the challenge of running a mile a day, every day, from Memorial Day through July Fourth. So here we go, one week in and how am I hanging? Well, like I said, starting over is HARD. I'm not totally at ground zero, but my pace is definitely slower and I'm feeling it. Womp. So the streak started officially on Monday this week, so not quite a full week done yet, but we're into it! Woot!

Sunday | Rest
Doug and I were mom and dad's chauffeurs to LAX for their big trip to Ireland. We left at the crack of dawn to head out that way, and had them dropped off about 8 am. While I was supposed to go run Jacky in to her BQ (spoiler: she did it without me), I knew even at 8 am, I wouldn't be at the finish line in time to get there, get parked, and find her to run in. Booooo. Girl killed it anyway (I would've slowed her down, TBH).

Doug and I headed down to Sea World to meet up with Tina and family for an adventure day! Hooray! Lots of walking (7.5 miles in a day), so I would say that counts for enough exercise for a day. Ready for the run streak? Here goes nothing.

Monday | 3.5 miles
Day 1 in the books! A nice day off and I figured I'd take it easy before jumping in too hard, so I took Molly along for the fun. That eased my pace and we cranked out 3.5 miles with tons of other people out on the trail!

Tuesday | 1.31 miles 
This dog is gonna be a happy camper by the end of this! Loving getting her back out there and hopefully we'll build her up to some 3 and 4 milers again, but for Tuesday, it was a quick sunrise run around the neighborhood - which sent her right back to bed snoring. What a life.

Morning miles was the theme of the week, as Jacky and I had a fun date to go try on bridesmaid dresses (!) and drink with the fishes at the funnest bar I know. Every evening seemed to get busy this week, so a lot of morning miles piled on. Getting up at 5:30 am is getting easier again... I say that now!

Wednesday | 3.15 miles + yoga
Wednesday, of course, was Global Running Day! After work, I bee-lined my way over to my Fleet Feet store to celebrate FF's birthday (the Sacramento store was founded on June 1 40 years ago!) and get in a super fun run with Jacky and Sandy and then for some yoga to round it all out. Perfection.

Thursday | 2.5 miles
Morning miles but it was already crazy hot outside, so I settled for some treadmill action. Again, I had super fun plans to go catch up with a friend after work at happy hour, so I settled for what I could get in and called it a day.

Friday | 1.26 miles 
More Molly miles! Seriously, this girl is going to get back in shape with me. She likes it, I promise!

Friday was another moderately late day at work, but I at least had a post-work massage to look forward to! Sadly, it wasn't as great I was hoping for and I had a little anxiety that probably over-rode that supposed-to-be-wonderful feeling. Oh well? So after that, Doug and I went out for a drink and dinner and I pretty much passed out as soon as we get home. That's an exciting Friday night right there!

Saturday | 1 mile 
Saturday was another 12 hour day at work with another round of new student orientation. With that, and knowing that I have Rock 'n Roll San Diego half on Sunday (that I am hopefully rocking as you read this), 1 mile is all I cared to give. 4:50 am was plenty early enough, and I didn't care to get in any more! Fair? I think so.

But I DO love that shirt I got to wear - the runner in the heartbeat. It made me feel a little more alive, and reminded me that truly, and deep down, running is at the heart of how I do what I do and how I just live.

All in all, just under 13 miles this week - #dontcallitacomeback was a hashtag for a reason on my posts this week! But it's a slow welcome back into running. After all, I am running a half marathon this morning. Oh, and another one in two weeks. Because duh, that's how I roll.

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!


  1. Haha I was asleep at 9pm Friday night! The next day my boyfriend goes "weren't we supposed to have a date night?" But we were both so tired! Glad your streaking went well this week, mine did too! Happy to be linking up again (I'm finally back on schedule so I feel like I have something to write!)

    1. Dude. Sometimes 9 pm bedtimes are the BEST! I totally support them. :) Welcome to being back on schedule (me too!). xoxo

  2. Omg, I just read this! I still can't believe I did it! I think the unbelievable part was that I did it on my own like I knew I had to because with or without someone yelling at you, it all comes from the desire within. 😭 And you wouldn't have slowed me down because my second to last mile sucked! Btw, streaking selfies on point! 👌🏽 Love the day one outfit and Molly's smile is the best. #mollymiles

    1. ALL the #mollymiles! She'll be a happy puppy. :) I'm so damn proud of you! And yes, it's from the desire within. I just wish I had been there. Whatever, I'll be there for another one. :)

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