Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Recap

Total run mileage: 73.88. Not the 100-mile-months I'm gunning for each month, but given that it started with 3 days in bed for the flu and 9 days in the middle of the month where I didn't give a damn about putting on a pair of shoes, I am more than pleased. Never mind than 1/3 
Highest weekly run mileage: 34.3. I mean, 'caus yanno... I ran a marathon that week. 
# Runs: 10. Ooph. 
# Rest days: 18. I would say most were rest by choice (re: I was lazy) but three also forced thanks to the power of the flu. Lame.  
# Cross-training workouts: 1. One week at yoga. Also sad.

# Races: 
     - Run for Russ 5K
     - Surf City Half Marathon
     - Mermaid Series San Diego Half Marathon (2:15 pacer)
     - Phoenix Marathon

Favorite run: Phoenix! Surprisingly, because I never thought I'd say that a marathon would be my favorite run of the month, but I guess with only 10 runs in a month that's fairly easy to say! For going in and knowing that my training hadn't been the best (again, I took more than half of February off, essentially), I am more than impressed with how I performed. I'm damn proud of that race and look forward to feeling the same way after OC! 

Hardest Run: Quite honestly, Surf City. Post-flu, I thought I felt pretty okay and then got into the race and at mile 4, I knew I didn't have it in me. So while I learned a lesson in "Listen to your body," it was an incredibly difficult run to get through and finish. Continued high fives and hugs to Jacky for getting me through.

That smile is all kinds of fake, don't worry.
Current need: To get over this "flu-like" whatever that's been plaguing me. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) with a migraine about 1 am, didn't go to work because of a significant lack of sleep and that eventually turned into feeling chills, body aches, and other issues. After Doug got home from football practice, we went to urgent care... sooo... you can see where that leads. Hoping I can shake it off enough for a decent enough run at Surf City on Sunday. :( 

Current favorite: Recovery week. As awesome as Phoenix was, I am feeling pretty amazing this week and am even pondering an easy run this evening with the pup. I am enjoying the relaxation, the massage, the yoga, the walks.. but it's also gearing me up to get really excited about jumping into a real cycle again and doing it right.

Current goal: I seriously left Phoenix with such a high - a weird feeling considering I only made my C goal, but it was more than I could have asked for. I'm in the middle of recovery week as we speak, but I am really looking forward to lacing up my shoes and getting out on some runs. Two 5Ks this weekend to kick me back up and then it's time to get into a training cyle for the OC Marathon on May 1. I'm fired up and ready for it.

Rockin' at Mile 17.
Month Goals: February - overall - was pretty lackluster in terms of my fitness. I mean, in life, it was FREAKING AWESOME. But I am looking forward to tackling March with a vengeance and making it a pretty freaking awesome. It's also the last month before my super busy season (re: April - August) at work takes off, so I am hoping to take advantage of it and get in some super kick ass long runs before insanity hits me. Wish me luck. 

Goals for March:

- 110 miles
- Incorporate strength training at least 1-2 times per week
- Add another yoga day in for at-home practice (so 2 times per week)

2016 Goals Update
1. Run 1,100 miles. 
174.65 down, 925.35 to go! I am a little behind where I was last year at this point, but after running the LA Marathon last year I was totally tuckered out and injured and my mileage totally tapered off from there for the better part of the spring. I am hoping this spring brings exactly the opposite - that I'm geared up and ready to push through the spring and pretty much kick ass. 

2. Marathon PR
Attempt #1 for the year has passed and again, though unsuccessful, a great race for me and I know my big PR is coming. #2 in 8.5 weeks! 

3. Complete a triathlon.
I'm still toying with this idea. I know I can do it if I give myself the time and commitment to training in something other than running shoes. We shall see! 

4. Finish off my credit card debt.
Knocking off more, a little at a time. No major progress this month, but a good size tax return sitting in savings while I debate what to do with it. Knock off a credit card bill or save it for some wedding-related stuff that is soon to come my way? Adulting. It's hard.

5. Journal

I journaled once this month, right after our engagement so I didn't lose the magic of the day (please know that I still haven't!). February was a journal fail but am hoping to bring it back into the routine soon! 

6. Strength & Cross Train
I love my yoga Wednesday nights - like, I've gotten to the point where I wake up almost looking forward to the day being over so I can go get my stretch on. I see the progress I've made and where it's taking me and I absolutely love the feeling! I am hoping to add at least one day of practice at home each week and I would like to commit to getting on to some weights this month for reals.

7. Volunteer More
My mom and I are signed up to volunteer at Tinkerbell weekend in May, which I am way excited about! I hope to also find a few more races to get out at and cheer folks on, support runners, and be the best volunteer and cheerleader I can be. I owe so much of my good races to volunteers and want to be sure I share the love.

8. Speak Up
This is by far one of the hardest goals for me this year. Nothing exciting to report, but am looking forward to the personal challenge. 

February was insanely busy and I think it's finally caught up with me. I'm looking forward to more weekends in my own bed this month - a few early mornings for races and fun, but it's still MY bed and that's exciting. Doug and I said to each other on the drive home last weekend from Phoenix that February was fun and all but "... damn, we're tired." Guess that's in the name of fun, right?!

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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